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How To Start a Recharge Card Printing Business

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Since  the advent of GSM in Nigeria , i have been fascinated by the enormous opportunities hiding in this business. one will only be economical with the truth if one fails to call this business a goldmine.Every Nigerian home in one way or other patronizes the voucher/cards shops. You either purchase voucher for use or directly make use of it by making call"calls center" yet very few people or better put 5%of those who make use of voucher actually unaware that they can produce this "gold" themselves. many call centers  are springing up on daily basis thereby creating limitless opportunities to make money.
Despite the fact that the GSM industries has come to stay and almost indispensable as pure water, some Thomas still doubt the wealth-creation capability of this business.but the fact remains that printing voucher as well marketing is as legal as any other legitimate business.the only limiting factor in getting your own share of this market is you.the era of total dependency on government or private sectors for employment is over in fact white-collar jobs in Nigeria today is becoming mirage.
With many of Nigerian homes having computer systems,the-time is now to go for knowledge and begin to enslave money than enslaving by it.
Recharge card printing
Before now recharge voucher printing used to be exclusive preserved for major dealers,the telecommunication industries who have large financial muscle, pay millions of naira subjected to stringent rules to became dealers.
They have printed vouchers and sold to sub-dealers who in turn sell to markets and  final the consumers, however, with the advent of certain software, internet and hardware's, this practice have no w changed. the voucher printing marketeers have become accessible to every one. therefore, ordinary people like you and i can now engage in the trade but one must be knowledgeable and have the right technical know-how. your capital outlay will be starting the recharge voucher printing business.
The right application of the knowledge and skills we impact in our e-book will position you a better trader and you begin smiling to your banks.

 Every game has rules, likewise in business. a business that will succeed must strictly follow he rules/principles of his business( click here to read my post on BUSINESS PRINCIPLES). Trading in the GSM businesses factually not a new concept. the market is almost as old as the GSM industry in Nigeria itself
his industry which came on stream in 2001 with ECONET(now ZAIN)as first operator saw others like MTN, MTEL, GLO, VISAFONE,ETISALAT, ZOOMMOBILE< STARCOMMS etc joining with a high growth potentiality. Nigeria economy is improving when viewing from FDI (foreign direct investment) into this sector. No doubt the telecommunication business and its subordinate  elements such as the sales of recharge cards and vouchers will continue growing for as long as the industry exists. Mobile communication business and its subordinate  elements  have enormous wealth-creation capability.

Those of us who will avail ourselves of the opportunity are bound to continue having jobs security even in the face of "Re-organization" "Downsizing" and name it.
Through it is NCC(Nigeria communication communication that regulates the operation of networks providers, network providers in turn provides the rules for the dealers.
Please note that the right to print recharge cards is vested exclusively on the telecommunication operators in the country such as MTN,ZAIN etc you can be allowed by these operators to print recharge cards once you met with their conditions.
recharge cards are in hand papers forms with computerized security security sealed silver panel whilst vouchers are printed on soft papers with no security feature.
1. register with a dealer.
This is absolutely free. what it entails for you to be known to the dealers either by name or other means of identification. they will have your email address . payment of pins (VOUCHERS are sold as pins to the sub Dealer WHO WILL NEED TO PRINT THEM) will be made to the company's account. you also follow up with a call to have your order confirmed.( i will provide you with all the dealers together with the printing software in case you don't want to buy from my company)
2. you need a computer
3.a printer
4.a flash
(This becomes neccesary where you have no internet acces of your own
5. you will also need pre-printed papers( optional)
 Dealers sell pins in 100s so bulk order Is very important as a minimum order placement you can make is 100 units of any voucher denomination you want.
 Internet connection is required as pins are sent online, that is by email. Its OK to have personal internet access but where you have none, you will have to be visiting  cyber-cafes occasionally to copy your pins. But ensure you don’t download your pins into the computers at the cafe. This security- wise. So open a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND KEEP YOUR PASSWORD SECURED.

 Your customers are those in  your locality that engage in interpersonal communication through gsm and those that carry on gsm related business. In this category are gsm call centers, the road side recharge card vendors and individuals. Some big companies by cards and vouchers in bulk for official usage. You can decide to sell to any of these customers who are retailers leaving certyain reasonable profit merging for them as whilst you discharge your product as fast as possible to replenish your stock on time.
You may also sell directly to final consumers so as to double your profits. This approach however may decreses stock turnover.

Product pricing is considered as very potent marketing tool “ the law of demand states that the “ higher the price the lower the quantity demand” this does not however , mean that you must  compromise your profit just to attract more demands. Rather certain factors have to be taken into consideration before you arrive at what price to sell your products. You need to conduct an effective market survey within and outside your locality to  ascertain what price your competitors are charging.
For example, if the cheapest of mtn 100 in your area goes for #98, you may sell #95.50 And beat the price of the competitors. Always remember however,  that no matter the number of your competitors , you will still have your fair share of the market. All depends on strong  and effective marketing and sales strategies.
Let your notion be small profits quick turnover, your customers will come to you. Best  of luck.
Having successfully ordered for you pins and you dealers responded your order has being dispatched. Then proceed to a cyber cafe  for downloading of your pins into your flash drive.
Basic procedures
1.open and retrieve pins from your email
2.download into your flash( if not using your own computer).
3.upload into the software ( follow the step by step guide that came together with your software)
4. connect to your printer with the already pre-printed paper and print
You product is ready for sell

All the information you will need to start the business. like i said i will provide you with all this and more just for 1000, pay into this account 

Bank: GTBank plc


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0179415426

after payment send payment details and email address to 
08180081665 OR 08168710034, 

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