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Yes it’s a new year, new privilege, privilege to start up a business, privilege to maintain the already started business and also a privilege to still expand your business borders. As a new year, you might as well consider the best business opportunity for the year 2017-  “success” they say is doing the right  thing, at the right time, at the  right place with the right people. Doing a business that was perfect for last year in this year may not work that much compared to the time forth business.
 In this article I will be giving out the list of business ideas that if started will gain success in a short time of startup.

NOTE:--- when reading through this list of best business to start up for the year, do remember our ground rules_this are business opportunity withj few startup barriers. You do not have to have many years of education or millions of dollar/naira to start any of this business

 So here they are (in no particular order) the best business opportunity for the year .

Most valued we will consider this opportunity under the following headings
-       small scale business  
-       large scale business


Many business opportunities exists in 2017.none of this business, how ever, are get rich quick ideas. They are business opportunities that provide a real chance to make money in this new year and beyond- business that, done right, in the right place for the right people may be profitable enterprise for the years to come.
   One of the first steps before making an investment is to do an analysis of the market trends that will affect bottom line. However, identifying and understanding the implication of industry market trends requires a lot of time for those who aren’t working in the giving sector.

Bicycling isn’t a popular outdoor activity. Many Nigerians are trying to use bikes to exercise. Any thing that is popular is a pretty good business bet.

      Think how many people working in the offices would appreciate the convenience of having a hot meal delivered? a lot of workers will prefer to eat in the office rather than go outside to buy food. Food business is something one should start today. As a caterer, one can choose to go into full scale catering service alongside event planning services or may decide to specialize on food cooking, snacks baking or cakes, barbeque preparation, etc.
      One can offer various options on meat and expand out to more and more food options and drinks. Outdoor cooking could be fun; well, it’s profitable also.


    The best thing that could happen to a home –business owner is to have so much business that he can’t do it himself. When this happens, he can become an agent for his business by sub-contracting excess work out to others and taking a percentage of the fee. In this capacity, one can do the billing and maintain the clients. When business is slow one assumes the work load and maintains service to your customers.


  People who run everything from home businesses companies often lack the time to get everything done. That’s why there’s such a large demand for errand services. If one has a small truck or van, are punctual and trustworthy, and don’t mind an occasionally hectic schedule, one can profit from delivering packages, picking up supplies, and handing similar details for harried home business owners and executives alike. To locate clients, check with businesses in one’s area, or have friends and family ask their employers if they could use one’s services.

Fix-it shop

Any appliance, tool, or buy one buys can break – that’s a fact of life. Most Nigerians would rather hold on to what they have rather than incur the cost of buying something new. Having a knack for fixing household items means you can earn some money.
There are many low-cost ways to advertise one’s services – flyers, classified ads, and the yellow pages are just a few. There are also many ways to expand one’s business; for example, one could offer pick-up and delivery, stock replacement parts, or refurbish toys and appliances and sell them for less than what they’d cost new.

Handyman service

Leaky faucets, clogged drains, doors that stick – the list of minor home repair needs are almost endless. Most people just don’t have the time or the know-how to tackle these problems themselves. If one is good with his hands and have a general knowledge of home repair, then start a handy service. Charge clients less than the proffesionals.ones gain  ones will need a good set of tools and a truck.


   Cooking with home-grown herbs holds a special appeal these days. One can capitalize on this culinary trend by growing herbs to sell to small restaurant, specialty shops, healthy-food stores, or even friend and neighbors.
  Cultivating an herb garden can require very little space- in fact, one can grow a fair assortment in flower pots on ones window sill! Put gardening expertise to work in another way by becoming a “gardening consultant”,- assisting clients I setting up their own herb garden.


  IF one notice the messes in other peoples homes and businesses, then maybe one should be an organizer. There are many books on organizing and a multitude of products that help conserve space or provide filing or stacking capability gather materials on the subject. To start the business, practice with people you know and then use the experience to sell your self to others.

 Other business one can start to make maximum profit this year is:


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