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Factors That Favour Starting Up Lucrative Businesses

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 I have revived number and number of calls, emails and messages from people requesting  to know the best lucrative business ( in their own words without rephrasing “ IKOI I appreciate your post on list of lucrative business but help me which one is the best and perfect lucrative?). It is actually disturbing for  one searching for a perfect business to start for no one wants to invest without hope of a better return on investment on a short run. So I consider this question thus serious and important so have decided to share it with you “ factors that favors starting up a lucrative business”

 Permit me to start by stating the fact that all business are lucrative and profit yielding never the less   there is so such thing as perfect or most lucrative business, all business are lucrative and profit yielding if not would’t be called a business.
Factors that favor starting up a lucrative business helps you consider the challenges of man and also helps you provide solutions to them. Every business is as a result of mans problem and the quest of a business idea man to solve those problems that has made  way for earnings. So a business is lucrative if highly patronized, and a business is not patronized if they doesn't provide high solutions to mans problems.
 In starting up a business one must consider the factors that favors starting up a lucrative business:





This are the fact to consider prior starting up a business as they determine the lucrative of a business. Th geographical location , availability of raw materials , demand rate, and nearness to customers determines lucrative ness
Lucrative  is either = high demand with low or equal supply  or = high supply with low or no demand
In either way the for factors are the determinants.

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