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Many has been trading on football for  years, readers! I must tell you that this is a good way of getting cool money to settle that extra bills like house bills, electrical bills, children school fees, etc. I most advice you to read this written manual with all seriousness please.

 this article provides more information on  soccervista today, soccerway predictions, statarea  predictions and soccervista tomorrow and more.


Today, there are so many leagues where football games are played: English premier league, Italian league, German Bundes liga, Spanish league etc. There are sites that feature the matches that take place in these league these sites pose such question (who do you think will win this or that match) you will now have to predict of three options, one- Win, two –loss, three –Draw, those are the only possible outcome of every game played in every league around the world you do not have to predict the score line in any football match.


 For instance, if Arsenal is playing Newcastle, you will now have to predict which of the two teams will win, if you think is Arsenal that will win, you (Will) your trade (i.e. bet (on Arsenal. If is Newcastle, you place your trade (bet) on Newcastle, then if is draw, you do the same. You just click on one of the three options or Win, Draw, or loss,


Some people refer to this investment system as sport betting This will without critically analyzing what

You want to do, how you want to do it and what should be guiding your investment decisions. In football trading, there is some site like www.footballtradingsignal.com which you check before you place trade or play the games, these sites will give the bits, that is profit –making signals or games. These will give you the bits that you can use to trade on forecast – the outcome of your investment – that you can use to trade on your own playing the game and making profit.


Betters do not use skills, they only take chances, but traders do not put their money until they have done the analysis. At the football trading signal sites, experts look at the matches. Go to the site, get these information before placing your trade on either WIN, LOSS,OR DRAW, you are no more doing “kalo kalo” or betting, but rather trading with critical analysis of you investment decision.


The three –way betting system. They are WIN or LOSS or DRAW, but first let’s look at some money making system. There are some terms associated with the business and with which you can reduce your risk.

In match Trade: means the match is being played.
Pre-match Trade: means before the match is played.
Asian handicapped: Means favoring a weaker team. Let’s assume Man United is playing New Castle and Man United has score one goal, if you pick loss and Man United win by a goal margin, it means you have loss but if they win by a 2-0 then you win. You determine your risk using live play, and you can double play to reduce your risk. In this case if any of the teams win, you win. In a case of Chelsea vs. Man United always double trade so that whichever way it goes it must favor you, avoid this type of risk so that you do not loss money.


Odds are set by trading sites for each game. It is like setting a standard. If for instance, Chelsea is playing Man United, they check the strength of the two teams. It is the strength that determines the Odds, If the odds for man United is 2.75 it means any amount you trade on Man United is multiplied by 2.75.Lets assume you place 100 dollars on Man United, that 100 Dollars is 2.75, that is well over 100% increment, and if the outcome favors your trading, your account will be credited with that amount and if you loss, your account will be deducted by that amount also in that same format.

Looking at the game between Man United and Newcastle, the odds for Man United is 2.45 because they are playing a weaker team, but the odds for NewCastle are 4.45 because they are weak. That means you will not make much money if you trade on ManUnited but if you place for a draw and eventually the team win ,you lose that trade, so it is very important that you do not bet but trade. The difference is that you depend on analysis and not luck or chances.


In my opinion, don’t trade a match that is between two teams from two different leagues. This is because it is difficult to analyze such matches e.g. ManCity vs. Barcelona. Instead, play within a league such as Arsenal vs. ManCity. Select the top 5 teams on the table and the bottom 5 teams on the table and watch out for matches that are any of the top 5 vs. any of the bottom 5. Trade win for any of the top team playing home against any of bottom team.
There are different kinds of trading sites and it is free to register with them, but for you to trade, you must be able to open and fund your personal account. When you go to the site and click on register, it will bring out a form, follow up the instructions. at the end of it they will tell you that you are successful. But before you begin actual trading or betting ,you must first fund your account.
It depends on the type of account you are using. Some accept domiciliary account while some accept Liberty Reserve account. Most of the trading or betting sites have their account details on their site, after seeing it, you go to your bank and request for the transfer form. After this is done you can now trade with any amount, but usually not below a minimum of 10 dollars for www.bet fair.com, which operate in dollars and www.naijabet.com which operate on naira with a minimum of 500 naira. For any
site that does not accept Liberty Reserve account, you must open a domiciliary account with Guaranty Trust Bank to be able to do the business and ask the bank to transfer your money into your on line trading account on that site you are using. The same process you do to your Liberty Reserve account before trading is done.


The money making capacity actually is in your ability to analyze the games and this job has been done for you through the signal generating sites. Football trading sites often offer signal analysis, you are expected to go for the analysis first before making a trade or bet. Being a member of such a site gives you the ability to trade with confident. After viewing the games, you pick the ones that experts on the sites think would have correct outcome. After that you go to your trading site and place your trade.


1. You need a computer or a phone with internet connection

2. Sites that can use domiciliary account include www.betfair.com and the Nigerian account is www.naijabet.com they operate in naira unlike www.betfair.com in dollars
3. To access the sites and get signals you need to subscribe on the site www.footballtradingsignal.com as a member. Payment is through GT Bank account or Liberty Reserve Account. There are other football sites doing football trading like
www.fanscash.com,www.bet363.com,www.bwin.com,www.interwetten.com,www.williamhill.com,www.b4u24.com,www.bet7days.com,www.29.com and many more. But we advise you to work only with www.betfair.com and www.naijabet.com

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