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Affiliate Marketing How To’s, Company’s and Their Websites

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In our previous post on affiliate marketing> a sure way to make money we made you understand what affiliate marketing means, also we discussed the types and process involved in affiliate marketing.
 Here again in this post we will be letting you know all the reputable affiliate companies and their websites with reviews. So without wasting any of your time let’s get started.
Commission Junction
1.       Commission junction according to reviews is one of the best affiliate marketing companies. It’s an online advertising company that operate under affiliate marketing industry, owned by value click and they operate worldwide with their headquarter office in Santa Barbara, California, with other branches in Chicago, New York, USA, Spain etc.

2.       Link share: link share is a reputable provider of online marketing and specialize in affiliate marketing, search marketing and lead generation.

Digital River
3.       One network direct: one network direct offers a reputable user-friendly website and interface and make it easy for publishers to sign up and earn from their numerous commissions off their product promotion and sales.

Share a sale
4.       ShareAsale: shareasale is also a powerful tool for online webmasters, it provide merchant with numerous and various products which one can choose to promote and each of this product is able to generate a reasonable commission as long as more  customers are drawn to the product. 

5.       Google Affiliate network: like every other of their product, Google have been making waves since existence and their affiliate program is also reputable.(though  there is this thing about retiring their affiliate program).

6.       Plimus:  plimus was launched in 2001 and since then have and since then have helped companies with their e-business and have also provided a well reputed affiliate program.

Amazon Associates
7.       Amazon associates: With Amazon program one can add links to items on Amazon’s site to blogs you admin, forums and even on online stores. And whenever you link is clicked or make purchase you get commissions. Even though Publishers and webmasters have complain their commission structure is low it’s still of advantage and very easy to use. 

Flex Offers
8.       Flex Offers: flex offers is an affiliate marketing network that provides comprehensive solutions to both publishers and advertisers via multiple marketing options.

Click Bank
9.       Click bank:  Click bank is literally the most famous affiliate marketing company and is considered a must for publishers and webmasters. It is an online marketplace where you earn commissions for making sales on products you promote in the marketplace.

.  Commission soup:  commission soup is among the best appreciated affiliate marketing company though hard to register. But they provide a variety of merchants and products that many accounts look forward to promoting.

There above you have it the 10 lists of best affiliatecompany you register with but dear do thoro research on each and choose the one that best work on the following criteria
1.       Country of origin and residence as some countries are restricted from some of affiliate programs
2.       The product you offer and the product to promote
3.       Consider the company that offer the product you offer e.g. click bank is well established with e-books and software’s products.
So as all this companies are important one still have to research and register with one that best fit.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing? Learn How To Affiliate Marketing. - See more at: http://www.abodebusinessonline.com/2013/06/what-is-affiliate-marketing-learn-how.html#sthash.RgokNZua.dpuf
What Is Affiliate Marketing? Learn How To Affiliate Marketing. - See more at: http://www.abodebusinessonline.com/2013/06/what-is-affiliate-marketing-learn-how.html#sthash.RgokNZua.dpuf

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