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Register A Domain And Earn Money

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Welcome dear most valued ABODE BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN.
Last week on our last post we discussed how to create a blog on blogger for free. As an online business potentials earners or active earners I understand you wouldn’t want to spend but to earn and so in respect to that I have decided to help you achieve this not only by creating a blog but by earning from it.
Haven noticed the URL of your pre-created blogger blog that ends with dot BlogSpot dot com (.blogspot.com) which in way shows of some in expertise in the area of the blogger though can be used to earn money but it take a greatly skilled webmaster to work with a BlogSpot URL and still have it rated the best. So for your case as a start we will register a domain name for our blog.

Don’t get worked up yet with this statement. Registering a domain name is No a big deal, there are hundreds and thousands of domain registrar online, but that’s not the catch the catch here in this post is a system that helps you register and still earn from the domain name, you won’t just spend on a domain name but will earn from your registered domain name.
Register A Domain
Introduction to GDI. GDI is Global Domains International and if you are looking for some information on how to make money from GDI, Either you have joined GDI or just looking for some information about GDI, the truth is, GDI is a low costs, no risk work from home internet business that suitable for all. I’ve actually written a detail review about GDI and I’m not going to repeat again here.

How it work GDI is an affiliate program that works with referrals, and since GDI is legitimate company, which means when you subscribe to them, you will get:
1) Your Own. WS (Website) Domain Name
2) Quick and Easy Website Builder
3) Custom Email Addresses
4) Chance to Earn Residual Income
Their income referral strategies work like this: For every 5 paid affiliates you refer in one week period you’ll earn a U$100 cash bonus.
They also offer contest which is a good way to make money.  So aside registering a domain name and other benefits that comes with them like 10 custom email address you can earn legitimate income online.

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Over to you tell us what you think and don’t forget to include your questions using the comment box. Your comments are appreciated.

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