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Pure Water and Bottle Water Production Business

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Starting a pure water production can’t of cause be just a dream; it’s a reality and actually yields lucratively. It’s not a dream not for Abode business for  In this post we will dedicate this to alleviate our ignorance on this business hat have made the poor rich, have made entrepreneurs hungry, and have kept the rich on top. For one to start or for one to launch one’s net into the lucrative business of Pure Water production, he must have to put into considerations the following:

As startup in business involves investment one have to invest little in the following area such as in the area of facilities which include Factory Building, Machinery and Equipment, Utilities like Vehicle; Registering company and being registered under NAFDAC (read the post on How To Get your Business Above NAFDAC) as it must be obtain and are important items that must be done before any other thing will take place.


Like you like we know the business is very lucrative with 100% yield and Return On Investment is high and within a small stipulated time after setup in less than one year,  if the entrepreneur/management knows how to run the business effectively. However, it's unfortunate that many people who are already in pure water business are not knowledgeable enough or are ignorant of the huge profit potential in bottled/sachet water production.

Again in our simplification, we will explain the steps that when taken ensures success. What is the first step to take? Firstly it’s the step of:

1.      Register your business name – have posted on this post am sure its easy,  @nd  how To Register Your Business Name With CAC.

2.      Step1. Factory/Site – neither a rented place or a self developed site, one must have a site for the successful running of this business with some consideration on proximity of the site to needed raw materials.

3.      Sink a Borehole with Overhead Tanks – of course knowing fully well that the most needed Raw material for the production business is water, so a lot of consideration is given to the provision of this raw material and the most common source of water for commercial drinking water production like sachet water and bottled water is borehole, let there be tested and certified borehole within your factory premises for constant supply of water.

4.      Distillation System – Use of a (see the eBook) and depending on your start up capacity (capital), but it is advisable to use

5.      Be Approved(see the eBook) There is every need to obtain approval from them because  their approval to produce or manufacture any consumable product in Nigeria or even to import any consumable product is inevitable ( read more Click Here)

6.      Sealing Machine – (see eBook for choices and price) this is a machine that is being used to seal the water sachets. 

7.       Staffs - You will need minimum of persons to work in your factory for a start then increase    as it may demand.

8.      Distribution Mechanism –You can start with any distribution means.

9.      Power Generator- You will need a standby power generating set, of about (see the eBook) KVA for the job.

10.  Branding- Is very important in business, so design a very professional (see the eBook) for your product because perception is the best sales man. Make your (see the eBook) stand  out among others, let it do the talking and marketing.

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