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Lucrative Opportunity In Exercise Book Manufacturing

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Since existence, right from start the need for a writing paper has itched, the putting down of thought, feeling and experience have dominated the thoughts of man. This feeling still dominate in today’s world, considering the number of nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary and higher institution in our locality, the number of individual as it has once be calculated that the average human being consume not less than 10 pages of paper on daily basis not counting the institution of learning, this papers consumed comes in different forms and sizes, the diary, jotter, book keeping, recorder and so on. An average student before leaving the four blocks on the secondary education is intercepted to have used 439books, calculating from the number of subject offered, the number of terms and the number of years spent.
Exercise book is a notebook used in schools for copying down school works. The come under slightly of often times under tick covers which comes in different sizes and shapes.
exercise book

The need for exercise book still matters even to the business man, health agents, doctors, nurses and all works of live. Ok, calculate the money spent on exercise books; think about the number of books you have used and how much you spent on them. Now think about how rich you could have been is you have the same money pay to you from thousands of students (not considering others sources exercise book consumption).
Exercise book products can never be outdated or never will the demand come down as its need is still growing exponentially, it’s a business that can never suffer a customer lost, it’s a business that can take one to stardom having its production easy and cheap, one can enjoy a rich pay from this business.
Production process of exercise book are of three major stages and this are the ruling of lines on the sheets, folding to desired sizes, cover printing attachment and cutting.
Even as easy as production is the market is high as they 45 million out of 165 million Nigerians are student. The demand is still increasing as exercise book is the functioning unit of all students.
One can start this business with little capital and start producing both general and customize exercise books as many school and institution prefers customize books and so one can start without nothing initially only with prospective investors.
This is a business that carries much command and ion such commands money into the pockets of the willing investors.
To start up this business or just to get more information on this business once can start by getting the business/plan or feasibility report on this business. This will explain more of this business in details with details on
·       Raw materials needed
·       Where to source for raw materials
·       Machinery
·       Where to get the machinery
·       How to start production
·       Market research
·       Return on investment within 3 months of operations
·       Marketing your products etc
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