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Cold Water Starch Production Business- Generate Steady Income

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Nutritionist have it that carbohydrates consist 80% of average Nigerian daily meal- for every meal a Nigerian man takes either for breakfast, lunch or dinner has most of it to 80% carbohydrates. This being as a result of the rich abundance of carbohydrates foods (raw materials) in Nigeria, and this gives you an insight on the large availability up to wastage that you can convert into papers (money).Cassava, corn, millet for example is richly available in Nigeria, this giving you an awesome opportunity to generate steady income from them and one of such way is through- Cold Water Starch Production business for money.

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Cold water production and selling business is a profitable business and a unique opportunity that will constantly generate steady income for investors. Right from ones home, with just a capital of N15, 000 one can start-up this business and make a minimum monthly profit of 80,000.

Starch readily available in carbohydrates plant like ones mentioned above used for laundry services, food processing and in pharmaceutical industries. One cheap and readily available raw material for starch production in Nigeria is cassava-Nigeria being the highest producer of cassava tubers. Uses of starch apply to laundry services as it enhances textures and appearance of fabrics materials.

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The high demand for cold water starch is increasing and for one to take advantage and make 80,000 monthly from home (with just a startup capital of 15,000) and packaging in either nylon or 1 liter, 2 or 3 liter plastic rubber etc. selling for a price of 150 per liter

Production is easy; raw materials are readily available and cheap, production procedure is neither complicating nor return on investment is low. It’s a business that have requires no check-ups, no special skill acquisition nor training is needed and to help you start up real good we have packaged the details step to success in this business from 
  •       List of materials for making cold water starch
  •       Where to purchase material
  •       Production procedure involved
  •       Where to buy packaging material and
  •       A total comprehensive market research report with few contacts of bulk buyers that you can sell your products to after production.
All in an eBook format ( pdf and msw)
 It’s your chance to transform your financial status to prosperity with low capital.


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