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Start And Make Huge Profit From Cement Block Production Business

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Shelter is one of the most essential needs of humanity- both for the rich and the poor. With this of course you will agree with me that this made us all aware of the need for cement block used for but know little or nothing of the money making potential in this business.
Like we know or might have noticed, we here at abode business is much inclined in helping you make money and in such we will therein thin article make available the essentially and profitability of this business, what it entails, its capital need, earning ability and above all will explain in details with recent figures how you and the ordinary me can start and earn from this business.

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The business of cement block production industry has been around for quite some time- many that ventured into it are now ranging millionaires to billionaires. You may ask how I know. Unlike most business in which we rely on figures of research and confirmation from investors, the earning potential of this business is but a practical one for me as my uncle ( senior to my mum) Mr.……………………..( for reason let’s not call names) actually  is a huge earner from this business under the million worth block industry business name  NOT BY POWER BLOCK INDUCSTRIES- many of us from the east might have come across this name . What am I saying? Well enough, am trying to prove the lucrativeness of this business to you, though this business have long been considered a dirty work, recent research reveals that it can generate steady clean money on daily basis and also (the part I like) this business will get you connected to more people with influence.( if you know what I talk about)
Cement block
Well, with all said and done I will like to proceed to the subject matter of HOW TO START AND MAKE HUGE PROFIT FROM CEMENT BLOCK PRODUCTION BUSINESS. Not minding the amount you have now, either big or small we might appreciate it better if invested cause the truth is that either invested or not, the money will surely go. The major difference between the poor and the rich is far from neither wealth or luxury but IDEAS TO MAKE MORE MONEY- currently of such idea I present one to you now to become the …………naira you ever dreamed of.

Ø  Lent or acquire a land
Ø  Power supply
Ø  Proximity to water
Ø  Working Machine( block molder)
Ø  Employing workers
Ø  Mini shelter
Ø  Supplies of cement
Ø  Supply of sand.
Like I stated above, the money you have determines the scale you start from- you can acquire or lent a plot of land say 60by120 or 50by100. Note some conditions are to be considered before lease or even acquiring a land intended for this business, such conditions are access road, avoid swampy areas etc
The need for power supply, water, machines and where to get them, how to make deals with cement depots for steady supply of cement (at cheaper rate), supply for sand and more is addressed in the eBook. Now let’s consider if it’s worth investing……….
12 to 13 bags of cement used every day produces 500 of 9inches block, each block is sold for #140; 500 blocks will be for #70000. Total expense for this output ranges from 45,000 to 50,000 i.e a profit of 20,000 to 25,000 is made daily. Having 30 days in a month we have a profit of 60,000 t0 75,000 monthly, note this is the minimum profit as you can actually make more for other blocks –say 5inches and inches not even remembering you can sell past 500 blocks per day so the profit ranges on…………….
It’s simple, many that have did business with us will affirm to that. JUST ORDER FOR OUR EBOOK which will among other things expose all the secrets to earning from this business that guarantees steady income for you even as a student, graduate, worker, job seeker etc.
MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS OPPORTUNITY…. Remember you’re not the only one reading this; take actions now before the next does.
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Order for this ebook comprising of a business plan, feasibility report, contact of supplies of machines, list of cement depot where to get your cement at cheap rates etc
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