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How To Start a Private Nursery and Primary School in Nigeria

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Research has it that thousands of babies are delivered every day and on the scale of preference of every parent is sending their children to school to acquire knowledge from infancy to adulthood has been the number one priority of all parents.
A school is defined as an institution of learning and instruction of children or people. in this article we will refer to a private school as a place where teaching and learning take place and its management is by individual or group of individual outside the government. 

Are you considering starting your own private school? if yes, then I will advise you to read this article with full concentration as it will take you through all what you need to start up a private school and be successful. 
The quest for education in private school is increasing rapidly following the fall in the standard of education in public schools in Nigeria since late 1970; this making private nursery, primary and secondary school business in Nigeria a profitable venture and also due to the increase in the number of children born yearly. Private school business has therefore proven fertile ground for investors who are willing to solve the need of catering for the ever increasing number of children in Nigeria through providing Nursery and primary schools.


It's a belief generally that the standard of education in privately owned schools is higher than that of the counterpart government owned and managed schools due to such issues as lack of equipment, poor teaching etc. 

Parents nowadays prefer sending their wards to private owned schools over government owned schools due to one or all of the afore mentioned believe among others. No doubt that government owned school is doing well better than some privately owned schools but it's never a restraint from parent sending their wards to this even worse private schools as sending wards to government schools now denotes poverty or lack. So parents often and in all cases prefer sending and paying the huge bills presented to them by the management of private schools than to pay the meager amount passed on then them by that of government owned schools - perhaps parents understand and follow the religious saying - Spend money on Education. 

Funny right? well but please don't laugh, for my parents experience will attest to this, as it was in those years I was in a government owned school ( Community Primary and Nursery School, Amachalla Ngwo, Enugu state), my end term result/position has always been either 1st or second but in most cases 1st  position not until my parent transferred me to the nearest private school ( Rev. Ejindu Memorial Nursery and Primary School), till date I don't know if am to ascribe my change of end term position to change of environment or isolation from friends or to the change in standard of education and exposure to more brilliant students, but all I know and remember is that my end-term position dropped from the 1st it used to be in the government owned school to 20th in the first term, 6th the second and 3rd the third term and believe me it never passed 3rd, occasionally its 2nd (when I throw my all to studies) but I never saw first position till i left the school. 

Every parents believe that their private established schools holds more and that their wards are better of in private schools. this believe and through experiences like mine and the one you might have , has favourably solidified the prefrence of parents against government schools and for private schools and invariably all combines to affirm that investment into private schools in Nigeria is a lucrative and worthwhile investment.

Truth be told, Many have been made Millionaires and Billionaires for this investment and you can also be made even more.

Lets look at the statiistics:-
The average Nursery and Primary school pays a tutition fee not less than 10,000. the Nursery school my mum teaches, charges just 14,000 just for registration only. Some schools pays 30,000 and the much bigger schools with established name and reputation pays as much as 100,000 to 500,000 as school fees per term.

Lets do some calculations:-
Now assuming you've started yours and named Yours international Nursery and Primary school, smiles- for the start you charge 10,000 per term ( not including bus fares, school uniforms and books) and you have just 300 pupils ( as a start) Now just from school fees you will be sure to make 10,000 each from all pupils and that is 3,000,000 each term, for the three terms a year its nime million (9,000,000) a year. and from our conducted reserch for this number of students it takes nothing more that 1 million to run a successful term. So if 1 million is spent perterm and for the three terms in a year you spend 3 million out of the 9 million thats a yearly profit of 6 million. wow right.

Conclusively, with this short insit in addition to the ones you might have already, its then tentative to conclude that Investment in Private Nursety and Primary school is more than just a worthwhile investment but a money spinner with huge profit returns.

Do you want to start? below are the requirements
1. Land 
2. Erect a building or simply rent or lease a building
3. Register your school
4. Equip classrooms
5. Employ qualified teachers

we cant address all that its needed nor can we provide all the information here. however, we have packaged all this information in a more detailed practical steps and we will advice you order for this our ebook which contains all you will necessary and compulsory information you must know before you start of investing in this.

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