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GSM Shortcode Business- How to Setup a Shortcode in Nigeria and Make Money

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Maybe this is new to you so I would start by an introduction….
 What is short code?
 Have you ever received a message from 5-6 digit numbers like 38747 asking you to do one thing or the other? Do you know this codes (short code) are consistently (some daily, some weekly and some monthly basis) are scooping in money for owners of such codes.
This is how- for instance you receive a message like: - (as am typing this one just entered my inbox)
Sender: - 38747
Message: - Win your favourite   club jersey! Simply subscribe to get the latest football news & live scores of your favourite club. E.g Text manu to 38747. N100/week. T&C apply.
Or the usually maessage – thrill your callers with hot tunes from flavor, davido, timaya and iyanya. To activate send timaya, flavor, davido, or iyanya to 44550. N50/month. 
The above codes are what are referred to as short codes and I refer to them as money spinner. Due to reason you will find below. After we have received messages like the one listed above most of us ignorantly or due to needs for such services they offer, reply this messages and get billed on our airtime credit daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on agreement provided by the owner of the code(s).
Note, just as you received this message so did I, and so did many others, so did the 165 mobile phone users and more received it, just as you replied so did we. Now your billed you N50, N100 or N200 so they did to most of us that replied with you, now calculate how much would be made if the 1 million people replied, and one million is just a fraction from the 165 million users.
What is short code business?

 Short code business is simply a business of setting up an online system that helps you create and use short codes to provide mobile services through text messaging. These short codes allow people to subscribe and get billed subsequently automatically through their network provider from their mobile credit/airtime and you make your own fair share.
How does it work?
As stated earlier short code is GSM codes of 5 or 6 digit phone numbers, through which owners can use to send billable service of different kinds to mobile phone users. This business of short codes has been hidden away for quite some time while some privileged ones to step on this information are continually putting bulk notes into their bank accounts. Here in this article our aim is to equip you with this information that they have hidden for a long time now to you so that you can also make your own fair share in this increasing and lucrative aspect of telecommunication in Nigeria. it’s have remained a secret and to most high profit making short codes operators in Nigeria I shouldn’t be giving out this information, if only you can understand why they wouldn’t want me to make this information available to you, you would thank me for providing this opportunity, for providing this business with minimum effort requirement and inevitable maximum profit. It’s an opportunity for job seekers, students, employees and employee and everybody who want to either generate additional income or to make more money.
Why you need to start a short code business?
Analysis and research on telecommunication industry reveal that Nigerians more than most countries spend billions of naira on communication , some spend thousands on airtimes, so what is wrong if you make just 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 of this thousands and hundreds of naira Nigerians spend daily on their mobile phones  buying airtimes.
 You can earn hugely from short code business- without selling or buying any product you can make money from this business daily and even at night from your subscribers who subscribe to your service without you begging. You can earn through different unique dimensions from subscriptions.
Assuming you sent the message
-          Do you know exercising increases your life span and make you healthy. Subscribe now to get health tips and longer life. Send HTIPS to 12345(for example). N50/month.
Simple? But you can make huge money sending just this. Who doesn’t want to live longer or to stay healthy? This type of message that guarantee thousands subscriptions, a type of message that cuts across religion, tribe and race for everybody irrespective of race and features desire health. After sending it now you receive just 5000 replies out of 165 million phone users that is 250,000 naira for a start and 250,000 per month after that. This is just an illustration of how you can earn from this business; if done well you can earn more than most employers as you offer more services which mean more money.
 How to set up short code
Before going into details of setup a short code and start earning I would want to throw more light on the types of short available. Basically there are two types of short- the dedicated or personal short code and the non dedicated or shared short code.
The dedicated short code for easy understanding is like a personal computer in the sense that you set it up and only for your use alone or your company. While the shared short code is like the public computer you can use it to access the internet (to make money) and also another can use it for the same purpose. It the sharing of the same code say 12345 with another individual or group of individual but with difference in unique codes i.e. you can through the same code send your services to people with unique reply code for your subscribers to use and through this code your earning can be tracked. Of any of the two short codes you can set any and make money from it, the dedicated short code or the undedicated short code.
How to setup short code?
There are reputable companies in Nigeria that is in charge of creating this short codes, you register and create either dedicated or non dedicated short code with them then you go about using the codes and making money from it. These companies will provide for you a platform through which you can monitor your earning and through which you can make out payment to your local bank account. Setting up these codes is easy and requires little stress with just little capital you can set it up. There are companies In Nigeria that creates this short code for individual or organization either for sales or promotion. We are conversant with the likes of project fame, Maltina dance all etc which you’re required to vote for a particular contestant through sending a code (to what I refer to as the unique code) to a certain number. This and more are the uses of this short code and setting it up has been made even more easy- due to technicalities of setting up this short code efficiently, we can assist you if you’re interested and would like to start earning through it. Or you can just order for our eBook on short code business which is written in simple English with full discussion on how to create you short code
What you would get from the eBook-
·         How to set up the system
·         Companies where you can get this codes from
·         Cost of setting it up (note you can set it up for free and then when earning you will pay some percent commissions. I will show you how in this eBook).
·         Free 1 million phone numbers sort out with name, age, gender  and location
·         3 things you must put in place to make the system work perfectly
·         Must have advertising secret that guarantee subscribers
·         10 things that will attract gsm users to you code and make you earn. Etc
Amidst all this I will personally provide tutorials on daily basis to ensure you start and make profit.
This eBook is worth thousands for I will be giving it away to you for a token of N3000 only. Am serious so you have no excuse to lack money.
Please tell me how you feel about this post. Don’t go without telling us your mind, we are dedicated to you success, drop a comment about this post or generally about this blog. Thanks for your cooperation.

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