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How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria

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Following the recent law passed putting an embargo on importation of some item such as frozen turkey, chicken and fish by the federal government in Nigeria; there have been price hick after the ban on these items, recording a 40% rise. A carton of chicken which usually use to sell for 6500 now sells for 9500, a carton of Titus fish used to sell for N7500and N8500 now sells between N10500 and N11500. 

This perhaps presently taking a negative toll in markets around the country is but an advantage to Nigerian investors to invest in poultry farming, poultry feed(s) production business, fish farming, fish feed(s) production business in Nigeria and reap huge profit. So I must say its time you invest and make money from this lucrative business of poultry farming, it was noted that present farmers and investors cannot meet up to demand of the
country thus creating room for interested investors.
Years ago, poultry farming was left for the poor, middle class; it was considered a non profiting business or a family business run in the backyards. Fast forward now into today and see how lucrative this business is, being the most profitable beneficial agricultural business around. Poultry farming for many reasons is 100% a viable business for anyone to invest into any time any day; it’s a business I always advice and recommend for as many that are interested in investing in agriculture. Why or what are the reasons you may ask? You would agree with me that:-

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  • Food is a basic need of man irrespective of the economical condition at any point in time man must feed and of such foods is the chicken and its product (eggs) as it’s the most pretentious food or meat.
  • Nigeria, with a population of 160 million and growing, i.e. 160 million demand for food(meats and eggs) 
  •  The issue of preference of white meat over red meat following the health implication of the later also doubles the increase in demand for chicken as a major source of white meat.
  • You and I and every other individual needs protein and of that driven from chicken to ensure healthy living. 
  •   Generally, every child needs a minimum of one(1) egg daily for normal growth while adults even needs more (eggs from chicken). 
  •   Poultry business provides meat for dish and delicacies. 
  •  Global acceptance of chicken and its products also makes it a lucrative and viable business to invest in; no tribe, religion or country forbids chicken meat. It’s globally accepted both by the young, old, the white, black, and the rich, poor. Making this a fast selling product in high demand.

We can go on and on giving reasons why I recommend you invest into this profit guaranteed business but that beyond the scope of this article. Sincerely this is the business in plan. A good poultry farmer earns above N10 – N15 million yearly depending on size and proper management. In this article we would critically consider this business and outline possible steps on how interested investor can start easily. My research show that previously more than 80% of our daily chicken consumption in Nigeria is said to be imported from other countries until recently as the federal government has banned this importation and it means that this business of poultry farming is still heavily untapped and that the federal government is in support that you start and is ready to assist. People that invested into this business before now have always been smiling to the bank not minding the importation from other countries also, now imagine the profit potential of supplying chicken and chicken products in Nigeria now that there is no importation whatsoever.
Again, the good news is that anyone can start up poultry farming business, you don’t have to have a PhD or Bsc to start and it depends not on your educational background, financial or any other restraining background. You can start right where you are……………………

        Poultry farming you might be thinking is just the rearing of birds either for meat or egg, you are right but there is more to it, poultry farming is very wide and has categories like
·         Production of eggs(pullet/later rearing)
·         Production of meat(broilers)
·         Breeding of chicks (i.e. hatchery)
·         Production of poultry feed
·         Production of poultry equipments
·         Process, packaging and marketing of poultry products.
·         Consultancy
 We have in this website discussed comprehensively how you can startup any of the categories. In this article its exclusively chicken rearing. Basically there three types of chicken reared in Nigeria
·         The pullet ( known to many as  layers ) which is reared for eggs
·         The broiler reared for meat
·         The cockerel reared for meat( please note cockerel takes much longer time to attain maturity)
Whatever be the type you choose to rear, you’re sure to make profit as you can earn uniquely from different dimensions. You can earn from 

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  •  Eggs- a healthy pullet (layer) is sure to lay egg at least once a day and a minimum of 5 eggs a week. The demand for eggs in Nigeria has never equaled supply; demand is increasing geometrically as Eggs play a major role in almost all meal. A crate of egg costing nothing less than N700 no matter how small the eggs. Maybe you started rearing layers and you started with 600 birds i.e. 600 eggs per day, 600÷30 = 20CRATES per day- 20 ˣ 700= N14000 per day. Now for a month i.e. 14000 ˣ 31 days= N434000 a month.
  •   Hatchery/ day olds- eggs of chicken stays for 21 days, with chickens that lay at least  0ne(1) egg  a day,5- 7 eggs a week = 7 chicks/day old per week. Now having 600 birds = 600 chicks a day. A chick or day old currently sells for a price between N120- N250 based on breed. Now within 21 days you hatched 600 chicks each for a price of N120-N250= N72000 – N150, 000. Now calculate for one week and for one month.
  • ·         Chicken- the chicken grow rapidly within 21 days the eggs hatches, another 24-28weeks the chickens are ready for market i.e. a money back guarantee for any investor within 34 weeks after successful startup. Say you started with 600 birds within 34 weeks they are fully grown and the smallest chicken in the market goes for N2000- N2500 i.e. N2500 ˣ 600= N150,000 within 34 weeks. As you can clearly deduce from above, the profit potential of this business is handsome.

         Poultry farming is not that demanding, with the required knowledge one can startup and attain success. It’s not a capital intensive (again based on scale).

How to start

Draw and effective business plan- business plan in this business is like a road map leading you to your desired destination-success and profit.
In this business you are required to have a business plan before venturing into it; we have save you the stress and have written a comprehensive business plan/feasibility report on poultry farming business in Nigeria. This business plan contains all the information you need; it will of course outline the path to take, helping you know from where to start and where you are at every point in time.

         Following the ban encouraging you and I and every other serious minded person to invest and make money, I have taken out time to prepare this business plan which is provide in an eBook format covering all you need to know and how to go about setting up your own poultry farm. Imagine now that there is no importation, imagine the number of Nigerians searching for chicken and eggs imaging them waiting to patronize you. The prices of frozen chicken have increased in the past month following the embargo on importation, how lucrative will it be for you to supply this scarce product? You have to act now!

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Order this manual call or text 08168710034 or 08180081665. You can also  email any one of the two email(please don’t send message to both)  ikoiikenna[at]gmail.com or abodebusinessonline[at]gmail.com  this eBook contains all you need to startup discussing issues like how to setup poultry farm in Nigeria, types of chicken house suitable for small, medium and large scale production, suitable breeds and where to source them in, nutritional needs and feeding guides, hatching and rearing of chicks this and more are discussed.

Product description
Language: English
Last updated (July 2015)
Number of pages: 30 pages

BONUS (2): 1.how to start poultry feed production with 3 types of feed production formula.
                     2. Where and how to source loan/support from the federal government.

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Order now and utilize this great opportunity given to Nigerians by the federal government and start up now, you can also get help from the federal government. Order the eBook and get the free bonus eBook on how to get this help. Call the number above or email to get bank details for payment. As a manual containing all this including bonus worth 20,000 how much would you want me to give it to you? Well many will actually sell it for 50,000, 20,000, or 15,000 but not ABODE BUSINESS as we are only concerned in seeing you start up a successful poultry farm so won’t be selling it for any of the price above. But if you’re ready I can give it to you at a giveaway price 10,000 only call now  08168710034 or 08180081665 to get bank details. It’s you call.

Haven talked about investing, I want to take this time out for you to share your view on this ban on importation of frozen foods and other remaining 40 items. Do you also think its ok? Please use the comment box. Also tell us you reasons for any answer given. The floor is open………….