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List of Top Entrepreneur and Business Blogs in Nigeria

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Blogging in Nigeria have brought light to general issues and have in many dimensions brought more solutions to the problem of individuals in Nigeria through providing information, news, and quality content in form of articles which are highly informative to Nigeria reader sphere.
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Business and entrepreneurship was not left behind with many blogs currently in this niche and constantly doing justice to it through providing business tips, entrepreneurship driven articles, discussion on pressing the matter to the Nigerian entrepreneurs resulting in an increase in a number of established entrepreneur and upcoming entrepreneur alike. Of a truth, this works and effort of this bloggers are worth applauding for its positive impact

Taking the blog abodebusiness.com or the Forum Westentrepreneur.com

Business and entrepreneur
which has helped thousands of Nigerians both home and abroad and some African country (eg: Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya) to start up a successful business of their own resulting in the financial independence of this individuals and a reduction of unemployment. Not left out is the attraction of foreign investors to Nigeria. 

This is of cause the testimony of royal readers and clients of Abode Business and most other top business entrepreneur and business blogs in Nigeria. This list follows no definite pattern or hierarchy nor award its strictly for your awareness and usage of the sites.

1. Budinessdayonline.com one of the top leading blog in Nigeria, business day have emerged and remained a useful blog to Nigerians as a whole providing a wide range of business information.

2. Spreadmediang.com now mostly for its selection and support for small business, spread media provides also an opportunity to Nigeria entrepreneurs.

3. Wealthresult.com a promising blog owned and managed by Darlington omeh, providing business ideas and information in different categories for investors.

4. Smallfarmingbiz.com a Nigeria blog that has proven its worth, occupying the agricultural niche of business Agric ideas, plan etc. it’s a blog to check out for Agric interested individuals.

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5.Mytopbusinessideas.com known mostly for its regular appearance on Google search result most a times, my top business provide a general idea of a particular business.

6. Abodebusiness.com abode business is a blog dedicated to helping Nigerian citizen with little or no business knowledge or ideas to start up a lucrative business that provided different information ranging from business plan feasibility report and surveys on certain business making many business information available to the entrepreneur.

7. Mybusinessplan.com a business blog with aim really put on business it’s a worthy blog any aspiring investor or entrepreneur should check.

8.Under35ceo.co I personally love the blog mostly because of its name, really its dream of Nigerians to become CEO before 35. If you're among the check it out.
9. www.moneyfastideas.com is educative blog in Nigeria providing quality information and plans

 10.entrepreneurshipsecret.com -entrepreneurship secret is a blog dedicated to creating awareness and understanding of the economic and personal factors that influences the success of entrepreneurial ventures.

There use to be a time when power was determined by land possession, people that had land had power. In the industrial age, those that have industries have the power. Now we are in the information age and anything can happen, anybody can grow overnight from being a poor and not famous to rich and famous owing to the factor of information. The number of information (useful) you can gather can be the change you’re waiting for, anybody can have power if only you have the information. If you want to have power in business then source through the rich information the listed blogs offer in business. Don’t miss out get all you need.

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