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Poultry feed production business in Nigeria

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The federal government and the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) are currently joining effort to implement the ban on 40 items from importation into the country including frozen foods (chicken, fish etc) with action aimed at encouraging local production of products where the country has comparative advantage. Investors all over the country are now investing into poultry farming business following the increase in demand from local farmers (only) for frozen products of chicken. However, with this advancement in poultry farming also means and advancement in demand of poultry feed(s) also. The business of poultry farming owes 70% of its output to the availability of feed(s), invariably, no poultry farming can exist without availability of poultry feeds i.e. increase in the demand for chicken in Nigeria leads to increase in consumption of feed(s) and equally leads to increase in the poultry feed production business.

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I have in one of my previous article discussed extensively on the need for you to invest into business of poultry farming as also presently encouraged by the federal government. in this article I would want to outline in details the business of poultry feed production which is proportional to that of poultry business for as though the federal government has banned the importation of frozen chicken she has not banned the consumption of it by the people and this consumption is now left for the local farmers, this local farmers invariable depends on feeds to trend successfully. So therefore going into feed(s) production for poultry birds, quails, pullets/layers, broilers, cockerel, duck, guinea fowls, geese etc therefore is a viable business. Currently emphasis is placed on encouraging indigenous feed enterprise as raw materials are easily sourced locally.

Feeds constituents/raw materials
Sorghum, soya beans meal, bone meal, maize, spent grains, groundnut cake and fish meal. Poultry feed are food for farm poultry and it’s of different categories based on age weight and breed.
·         Chicks mash (starter) this is the food with formation to meet the nutritional requirements of newly hatched chicks with properties as dust or in powdered form enabling easy absorption through their small beaks. Chicks feed on this feed up to brooding period.
·         Broilers mash- this like that above are still for chick birds but exclusively for broilers chicks-the feed entails quick growth and development due to its richness in nutrition.

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·         Grower’s mash- just like the name implies growers mash enables livestock to grow and it ensures fast development of weight, body size and other features that helps quick maturity.
·         Layer mash- just like the above but exclusive for pullet/layer birds as it helps to produce more, big sizes properly shaped shelled eggs.

Investors are therefore encouraged to invest in this business of feed production with ready
Available raw materials
Easily learned
Minimal capital needed
Basic technicalities and
Readily available market

How to start- all you need is get the required information on the raw materials needed, where to source for them, the machines needed, formulation for different categories of feeds mentioned above. All this and more you can get from our eBook on business plan/ feasibility report on feed milling business.

EBook details
Language: English
Last updated (July 2015) number of pages: 29 pages.
Price: 8000. Contents of eBook:
Chapter 1: business overview (1.5 – 1.6)

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Marketing plan
Organization and management
Financial plan and many more are contained therein.
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