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Bleach Production- How To Start and produce Bleach

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Bleach is a liquid household cleaning agent popularly known for removing stubborn stains from fabrics and clothes. Bleach has many useful application and uses, bleach is a strong disinfectant and sterilizer, bleach has generally turned a must need and a must have product in every homes, fashion business establishment, laboratories, and most especially the laundry room. It is used in homes for washing and cleaning of toilets as it is a strong germ killer, it is used in fashion to fade clothes and to create desired designs also bleach is used in laboratories for washing glass wares. Bleach is used in laundry for proper washing of clothes more especially the white coloured clothes and fabrics as it enhances and sparkles clothes after wash. The use of bleach in our day to day life in present times is high and growingly inevitable.
Bleach production

Here in this article we will evaluate how lucrative or profitable starting a bleach production is and of cause we will see how to produce quality bleaches either for home and personal use or for commercial production and sales. The truth is that there are many Nigerians who will happily patronize you handsomely if you start production of this product. The chemicals for production is cheap and readily available, it doesn’t require even a capital for just with your airtime money (I won’t call it a capital) you can get the chemicals and start production to earn handsomely or you can just produce it for personal or family use and cut down on expenses. Whichever you want to start I must say it’s an advantage so read with concentration. Quickly let’s take a look at the chemical required for bleach production.

To produce bleach on needs

1.       Calcium hypo chloride (HTH) commonly known as chloride (it’s an essential chemical for water treatment) it has a choking odour. It is used to destroy germs in swimming pools.

2.       Caustic soda

3.       Soda ash

4.       Alum

5.       Perfume (optional)
Machinery- this production business requires no much machinery, nor much space, you can start even in your backyard or even in that small corridor or passage of yours with just bowls, stirring sticks for stirring  and stand a chance of making more money than your monthly income( I used the word chance to mean if your serious). For those that would want start up production in large scale for sale, for easy production one can get a
Weighing scale
Mixer and
Packaging containers- this is a must need in commercial production and sale of this products as it will help you brand and label your products.
Production procedure
The production procedure with this chemical is simple as just adding together the entire chemical allow it to stand for 24hours and then filter it out and our bleach is ready for packaging.

We have packaged an eBook on this regard- the eBook will show you the step by step guide  on how you can produce quality bleach just like the established bleach production companies you know and can even be better than them, the necessary chemicals and where to get them near you. Also through the course of this eBook we will talk about how you can market your products, how to package the—it will show you where to get containers and how to professionally brand your product. Not left out is off course sale of product, we will show you the 10 most effective marketing strategies that is sure to gain you sales and dominance in this business.

The eBook is written in simple English, it’s a self explanatory and self explaining step by step guide to quality bleach production. Nothing we know in this business will be left out, you can get all now……..

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