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Kobo Wise and Naira Foolish - Reason Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail

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One good enviable character (ironically) in almost all Nigerian entrepreneurs is that of “I can do it” what is so special about this character? To some extent it’s a good quality as in today business on needs the daring quality. But when this I can do spirit passes or trespasses from ones area of specialization it becomes detrimental. Avoid kobo wise and naira foolish character in business- to be successful in today challenging world of business on has to avoid this; of what success will it be if you invest N100 and gets N10 back? Of what success will it be of you take two step forward and four steps backwards? The reason why 99% of Nigerian entrepreneurs fail is as a result of kobo wise and Naira foolish character we entrepreneurs ( especially the starting ones) have towards our business. No doubt business is all about making profit and  to make profit one cuts down the later expenses in other to maximize profit, this shouldn’t always be the case as in some circumstance we should apply the spend money to make money theory where necessary.
Avoid kobo wise and Naira foolish

Take for instance, most of my clients and the abode business reader-sphere often read an article about a business, like you might have noticed most of my article ends with ordering the business plan (ebook) which is vital step to success in any business. My ebook is cheap yet containing all required information – business plan, market survey, etc but some still wants to bee kobo wise and ends up losing many naira as some jump to start a business without any business plan tell me what good is that. Some even skip consulting, when they get stuck, they still ran back to me for help some even complain of not seeing the outcome of consultancy which they never had and now order for the eBook  My question is why spending more before following the right path which you had known from start?

Why not avoid the kobo wise character that makes you lose money, you don’t want to spend some thousand in getting the information that will help you start up a business that will make you millions- kobo wise Naira Foolish.

Start any business like a professional, you don’t have to be experienced (error) to be a success follow the professional path and attain success quicker than anticipated. Still as a case study Our eBook provides you with all the information required to succeed and equip you with practical step to succeed.
Avoid kobo wise and Naira foolish character in business through getting the professional advices and following the right path in any business. 
Life is not a movie there is no time for rehearsal neither is there room for repetition. Start once and attain success avoid kobo wise motives.

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