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Meet a medical doctor who is also a Jeweler(Bead Maker)

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Being Often a student we give series of excuses why we can't be productive, so say am busy while others give alibis of the likes - it's not my course, it's not my field of study, it's not my profession or career. Often, I receive call and when they ask for favour they often tell me “am a student”, it's now a phenomenon in Nigeria that student don't have money, they are dependent, they are ............. but really should it be? 
Through the course of past week, I was Privilege to know about Dr. Kenechukwu Nwosu, a Young Medical Doctor, working at Garki Hospital, Area 8 Garki Abuja? Who is also a jeweler-bead maker? I was also privileged to talk with him. See conversation below

Admin: haven seen many graduate in other field other their area of study buts it's seldom the case with the medical doctor but yours……. Please sir can you start by introducing yourself

Dr Kenechukwu: I am Nwosu Kenechukwu Samuel, I am a Medical Doctor by professional in addition to that am a jeweler of all sorts. Have other names but they are only relevant in coning my jewelry line’s name

Dr. kenechukwu

Admin: wow, am bewildered

Dr Kenechukwu: NOOKSignatuer i.e from two words - my initials NOOKS and signature

Admin: First you’re a Medical Doctor, second a bead maker. How has this been or how did it came about (details please)

Dr Kenechukwu: well, I started the process of becoming a doctor first but as a jeweler for long because it started way back then in medical school. I had challenged myself to be independent to an extent and not have requested every dime from my parents.

Had already been a hand crafted card maker for about a year when I requested that my elder sister to make some beads for me to sell which I paid her for. Some of these beads cut just when I was about to sell them off and so I lost two opportunities and that got me thinking that I had to learn how to repair beads made by my sister for me. When I got home eventually after several months I not only repaired the spoil beads but also requested, bought and started making beads myself with the equipment listed by my sister who had gone to beading school.
Guess, I discovered via card making, a natural ability to handle crafts requiring my hands and so I’ve begun and continued all my works without formal bead class. I have also been privileged to graduate successfully some years after as a medical doctor all thanks to God Almighty.

from source your still into this business even till date. What's the drive, cause I know its past being financially independence since your now a medical doctor

Dr Kenechukwu: true

Admin: so what's the motivation

Dr Kenechukwu: my first motivation I must say was my dear colleague now a pastor D Nserd, he saw all I was doing causally and sat me down one particular day, he told me a story about a pal of his who had similar talents as i. but was different in that he wrote down his plans and made targets for his future companies etc. he also explained how this ‘pal’ got to make his dreams. I was so hooked and bewildered

Admin: Okay….

Dr Kenechukwu: then he eventually said that there was no such person he knew order than me……. That could be me if I began to see my talents differently and just some child play. After that, I made short terms, intermediate and long goals for myself. I wrote my plans, gave it out for passable corrections. My plans where so real that if they were companies I went far to include the departments I’d want there and its role. Finally, I decided that this would be my first company and that I will make jobs for talented people.

Admin: you know Nigeria society, the way they respect the medical profession, seeing into bead will of course attract negative comments and actions, how did you manage all this especially that from Family and friends?

Dr Kenechukwu: well, I try my best to be polite and listen on very few occasions and apply whatever advice they give while I stay true to myself. I also have a target for my medical profession and I’m working on batting there as well.

Admin: OK nice

Dr Kenechukwu: in the end it’s all about striking a proper balance and though am still learning to do that, I believe I haven’t done badly at all. It’s also pertinent to note that I’ve received much more support with this from my family and friends only occasional advice to focus on Medicine when Necessary which I’ve heeded or won’t be where I am today.

Admin : I guess all families are not the same. Am a pharmacy student and I know how challenging its is to manage both work and studies besides yours is even more demanding. How did you strike a balance?

Dr. Kenechukwu: it takes sacrifices.sometimes…. I used Weekends for my works and not outings or adequate rest……keeping nights a few times……but in the end am sure I shall reap the fruits of this labour God’s willing it and that, along with many more people and their and their families through them.

Admin: how much do you make from these beads, its profiting for you to have stayed this long

laughs. The returns are profitable sure but it comes in waves, it's not specific. There are months when it's just wow! Then there are other months when so much comes in – it goes with season.

Admin: thought so

Dr Kenechukwu: at weeding peaks, and gifts needed for loved ones are most often seen at this time of the year and then again during valentine day. These seasons also affect the demand for my pieces. However, till its steady enough to reach and surpass my monthly salary I can't possible consider myself as having achieved my goal.

Admin: so how profitable will you say it is in a sentence?

Dr Kenechukwu: Reasonable to make you start.

Admin: am sure you are aware of the high rate of unemployment rate in Nigeria what will be your advice to fellow graduates.

Dr Kenechukwu:
I believe every one has an innate skill/talent others would pay for ….every youth should seek that out and use it to create job opportunities not just for themselves for others.

Admin: so what is your advice to as many that would want to start-up a bead making business

Dr.Kenechukwu: its best they are sure first that it suites them. It's for patient hearted, the precise and creative minds. A good start will be to get a good teacher/mentor to teach them the basic skills.

Admin: will you tutor as many of Abode Business readers that would want to start

Dr. Kenechukwu: for mentoring I did lots of that in school but now I wont be able to fulfill such duties well enough, so sorry I can't for the time being.

so how can one start I want to start what's the step?

Dr. kenechukwu : to start like I said before look for a teacher, tutoring cost 15k - 30k then one would need an extra 10k or less to buy the necessary equipment for practice of what they learn.

Admin: thanks you so much sir for taking time out of you full schedule to talk with us.

Dr. Kenechukwu: Am grateful for this opportunity to show the world through you what I do and to share my passion and be a good source of inspiration to others like me. Thanks a lot for that.

Find below some of the works form NOOKsignature. Just like the ones above.

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