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Get paid for posting news, gossip, articles etc

Hi, Dear Friend! Hope your Fine.
Am Happy to Inform you that we have created a Business Entrepreneur Forum called West Entrepreneur @www.westentrepreneur.com 
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Follio is a worldwide initiative which is changing the Social Networking landscape. Follio believes in a "Sharing Economy" and thus honors members for being social, (i.e.) Follio pays members when they write product review, share news, views, gossip, jokes, posts, occasions and more or post.

Follio.mebring collectively all your social networking contacts on a single platform hence, enriching social interaction and trade on the other side of the globe.
Without being rewarded for the effort, time plus content, why spend as much energy, time and resources on social media platforms? Follio believes that their content is owned by members and must be rewarded for this.

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1. This also gives the students chance to give or receive presents from friends.

2.VIEW: this feature enables users to state their view in regards to a product or Service they've used. They could either complain or compliment brand, service or any product.

3. REAL TIME ON-LINE CHAT:On follio it is possible to chat with other online members across the world. Sound calls and Video Conferencing will also be empowered on the platform
4.STATUS UPGRADES: users can utilize this characteristic to share the things they're doing currently, which can inspire others alert people of any approaching occasion or to be better at the things they do or what's on their mind. This really is the part that enables users to show their societal life

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5.PRODUCTS/DEALS/SERVICES/EVENTS/JOBS/RENTALS: on this platform, users that are into company can post their merchandise/deals/services/events/jobs/rentals due to their followers to determine and patronize them.