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How To Start a Successful NGO In Nigeria

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A great number of people have enthusiasm to do one or two significant thing for the poor and indigent members of our society. There are a lot of factions in our society that needed one help or the other, it could be for extremely poor and indigent members of the society, it can be for the sick, it could be for women, it could be for motherless children, it could be for pregnant mothers and widows, it could even be for the educated and unemployed members of our society.
Every now and then one group or the other in the society are in dire need of someone or organization to touch their lives positively.  Nigerians are highly populated, not everybody in the country feels the impact of the government of all levels in their lives. This is where NGO’s have been helpful in bettering the lives of the Nigerian populace. Many people have burning desires to start one organization or the other to help in this regard but are not courageous enough to make a bold step to embrace it and bring their wishes to come to fulfillment.
On the other hand a good number of others have been able to establish NGO’s of their dream and are doing absolutely well in the society imparting positively in the lives of many. They have in so doing not only helped people, have their dream fulfilled and made a living and have become employers of labour.
Therefore, if you are nursing a desire of starting an NGO of your own, the instruction we have provided here will guide you through and ensure that you finally have your dream achieved.
How To Start a Successful NGO In Nigeria
NGO’s are organizations that are independent of the government and are not principally disposed to profit making. Some NGO’s however are being funded by the government. Others grow in reputation that they enjoy international funding.
A Non-governmental Organization (NGO) is a charitable organization which is not managed by the government and is operating to solve a particular problem in the society rather than with the intension of making money. The fund for running NGOs come basically from the government of a country though some receive their funding from private individual or group of individuals or foundations. A few NGOs’ operate in the local environment whereas a few operate both locally and internationally. It all depends on the aim of the organization, the fund available to it and the recognition it gains as times go by.
Therefore, if it is your wish to see to the betterment of a category of people in our society lessen poverty and by doing so leave legacies for the upcoming generations.
A Non-governmental Organization (NGO) is not same with Non-profit Organization (NPO). A non-profit organization is any association that is instituted with the intention of solving a particular problem in the society. A non-profit organization is not usually profit oriented. A non-profit organization is bigger class of organization of which NGO is included. A glaring variation between the two is that an NGO is a legal entity and a non-governmental organization that is for the most part funded by the government. However the government does not interfere with the operation of an NGO.
In Non-profit organizations, superfluous funds from their assorted activities are used exclusively for the activities of the organization, while in NGOs superfluous funds goes to shareholders and owners of the NGOs.
Registration of an NGO
A non-governmental organization ought to be registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). It may be registered as a company limited by guarantee or as incorporated trustee as indicated in the provisions of the companies and allied matters act (CAMA) 1990. A Company limited by guarantee can only be registered with the permission of the Attorney general of the federation.
Registration of NGO as incorporated trustees
The first step is to do availability check. This has to do with making enquiries to ascertain if any other organization has taken up the name you intend to give to your organization.
 If the name chosen hasn’t been taken by any other organization, you will get approval from the corporate affairs commission to register your business under that name.
The next step is to obtain an application form that bears the memorandum of direction.
You ought to carry out a publication of notice of the incorporation on at least three national dailies. One of the news papers must be a local paper which is normally circulated around the vicinity where you hope to locate your origination.
The last step you must take having successfully accomplished the preceding steps is to submit the filled form to the corporate affairs commission. You would be required to submit 3 copies of the application form.
 Essentials for successful registration of an NGO organization

It is crucial to select a Name that is unique; a name that will end with things like Foundation, Trust, Organization, Association, Network, Initiative and which will conform to the practice that is widespread among NGOs.
You would be required to submit the following documents alongside your application form at the corporate affairs commission:
·        Application letter (formal)
·        2 copies of applicant’s constitution
·        2 copies of application form duly signed by the chairman and secretary of the board
·        Original newspaper publications
·        2 passport photographs of applicants
·        Bank draft of N20, 000 payable to the Corporate Affairs commission, Abuja
·        Comprehensive minute of the meeting where the board of trustees were selected  list of attendance as well as absentees, in addition to votes and duly signed by the chairman and secretary of the board

·        Again, you must come along with the minutes of the meeting where the Special Clause Rule was incorporated into the constitution of the organization signed by the secretary and chairman of the board.

·        Draft the of the aims and objectives of the proposed Incorporated Trustee. The minimum number generally required is 3.

·        Address of The Association

·        Names of the Trustees which must be 2 or 2 and above

·        2 passport photographs for each of the Trustees

·        The personal residential addresses of each of the Trustees

·        Occupation of each of the Trustees

·        Tenure of each of the Trustees, the removal and filling of the vacancy of the Trustee

·         Auditor

·        Membership

·        Common Seal (The seal must be made in Metal that can be imprinted on and must be physically inspected at the CAC

·        List of the Executive Members of the association i.e –President, secretary, Financial, secretary, auditors etc

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