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Flower Gardening Business In Nigeria - All You Need To Start

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Do you love nature;do you enjoy flower gardens and want to turn your passion into a stream of passive income? If yes, then sit and relax as we take an exposure into this business of flowering gardening, exposing its profits, challenges and gains.
Horticulture is an aspect of agriculture that has been longed neglected by most NIGERIANS not knowing to them, can make them lots of profit even better than some other agricultural business they might be into. Horticulture is the art,science,technology and business of vegetable/non vegetable plants for crops or as ornaments,horticulture is among the agricultural business that is putting food on the table in some families and money in the pockets of many individual in Nigeria.
Horticulture in Nigeria has been seen to make great contribution in areas of food, health environmental protection, conservation,and etc, all in promoting human well-being. Horticulture gives colour, flavour and it’s time you make money through it.


Profitability in Nigeria
A talk with expert confirms that a simple flower pot currently cost or is sold for 2000 plus depending on the species of flower.
Then calculating- a sell of 20 pot of flower a week or month is a sure gain of 40,000 per week or per month without much Aldo.
Also, a flower bouquet goes for 15,000 plus also depending on the specie
Calculating- a 20 bouquet, if sold a month will amount you the sum of 300,000 plus per month
With the above report, one would believe this business sure has its potential, so the question is, how does one starts?

How to start
The expert I consulted, put it out that it’s easy and very easy to start it. These requires a well-known knowledge of the trade before invest your time into it, one needs to learn the names of the various flowers often in demand in Nigeria, how they are grown and best soils for them and also their market worth.

1.     A piece of land in good location.
2.     Get professional training.
3.     Get the flowers(viable ones)
with the present awareness and needs in Nigeria, it’s time we tap into that business and make money that you have been wasting last year, do you know that some flowers that you have been neglecting are being sold for thousands of dollars abroad but you consider it grass- its time you wake up to this opportunity as you can even export to other developed countries like Europe, etc.
Market for flowers in Nigeria
almost every day, every seconds provides a huge market for flowers as different  occasions is being observed by different people, occasions like weddings,funerals,mother’s day, anniversary,get well soon, love,romance,birthdays,etc.

Also flowers are needed in large quantities by hotels, churches, establishments, (with government and private) residential building, estates for gardens and beautification.
The market for this business is simply huge, so you are guaranteed of making huge profit. All you need is to start and remain in this business and see your customers call in.
Flower is beautiful, imagine, the world without flowers, flower now denotes luxury and this in large demand, how good does it feel to behold a well organized garden or orchid-it’s simply amazing to get into this business and make money out of the beautifying flowers
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