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Juice bar is a profitable business for entrepreneurs/individuals won are conscious of their health and are interested in helping others stay healthy as well.
      Starting a successful juice bar is an achievable goal with a rewarding experience but you should also be prepared for some hurdles along the way.
       This article will show you the step by step on how to start a successful juice bar.

1. Get a business plan ready: Here, you need to invest time and effort and come up with a good business plan. You also need to analyze and weight the pro's and con's, opportunities and threats face in this particular line of business in other to avoid common mistakes.

2. Register the business: this involves giving a name to your juice bar for easy identification. Remember, you are in the business of keeping people healthy, so take that into consideration when choosing a name and come up with a cool and catchy name that one can easily relate to your line of business. When this is done, you can then go and register it with the appropriate authorities.

3. Choose a great location: choosing a great location for your business is another important factor you should take into consideration. It is advisable to pick a location close to a shopping mall, fitness centre, restaurant or a busy spot junction. This will attract the right amount of customers for your business.

4.Learn how to design a good menu: in this kind of business a good menu is the backbone and since you are going to be catering for health conscious customers, it's advisable to design a menu that will offer to consumers variety of healthy drinks/food. Over the years, only a few smart juice bar owners were able to realize on time that diversification is one of the key to conquering the juice bar market. And what do I mean here? I mean you have to ensure that your juice bar menu also offers variety of light meals like, small chops, biscuits, sandwiches, salad and others. As proven, people like munching on snacks or eating light meals together with their drinks. This is very much capable of generating more revenue to keep your business going.

5. Learn how to manage your business effectively: Here, you have to learn how to calculate and manage your drink cost together with your food cost. You do not want to start your your juice bar on an expensive cost, so ensure that your service is affordable. There are several ways to get your target market excited about trying your products, in your first year you can start by offering various incentive to your customers. For instance, if a tall glass of juice drink is sold for #1,000 Naira in other bar, you on the other hand can attract customers to your bar by selling yours for as low as #500 or you can even sell at the same price (#1,000) but with small chops or sandwiches. This is marketing strategy and it can be very effective.

6. Learn from others before you: As a potential business owner, it is essential you study the market you are getting into and see where/how you will fit in. As you already know, the juice bar business is a very competitive one and isn't for the faint-hearted, so find someone who is already in the business before you with a lot of experience and possibly from another location and get him/her to educate and share start up advice with you.

        Lastly, starting a juice bar business takes a lot of work and dedication but it will be worth your while in the long run.