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How to be a Successful Fashion Blogger

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Fashion blogging happens to be one of THE most trending topic today. Because it seems like almost everyone know a thing or two about fashion. It is all over the social media, facebook, instagram, twitter and even BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) now offers different channels where people can see and discuss about different fashion styles and updates.
   These days people go online to know about what's trending. They visit different fashion sites to see the latest trends on fashion, what kind of style a celebrity has on, who's wearing who, about the designers and so on. The total and complete guide on fashion.

   Now, to start a fashion blog you need to know the fashion blogging 101 and have the flare and zeal for fashion. Blog/write about things you love, exhibit an in-depth knowledge about fashion and of course know how to communicate everything to your readers.

    Another thing you need to know is learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest of them other fashion bloggers and how to make you fashion blog popular. Learn how to stand out from the crowd by bringing to the table something totally different.
    Let me take you through the steps of starting your own fashion blog and of course make money while doing what you love.
Successful Fashion Blogger
Celebrity wears.

1. Open/Build your own website: this process is not that hard, all you need do is open a site using WORDPRESS. Pick a domain name, something simple but unique at the same time. Once all this is settle you are good to go.

2. After choosing a name for your website, the next step is to start writing. You have to keep writing on A regular basis, you have to keep giving your readers something to look forward to and when  blogging ensure to upload pictures along as well. Pictures is one of the most essential ingredient in fashion blogging. They illustrate more to your readers and help capture their interest. So take cool and colourful pictures and upload alongside your write up. An example of what I mean is seen in the shinning pages of magazines.
3. Be visual: another aspect of fashion blogging is making short videos of your work. People love watching video, so create videos of yourself doing what you love. And remember to have fun in the process. It makes every experience enjoyable.

4. Create your own style: be unique and create your style. Everyone has style but not everyone has a unique style because there's always that one thing which distinguished you from the rest of the pack. And that's your unique style, your sincere views/opinions and of course your personality. Never limit yourself to what you see others doing, make your readers/followers have reasons to always visit your site.
Successful Fashion Blogger
Fashion Accessories

5. Creativity and Self promoting: to be creative is to keep things fresh and interesting. Been creative is another way of promoting your work. It is your job to inspire your followers with outfits especially with what you wear or what to wear. Take for instance, a vintage top that others might see as old and outdated but you are different so u switch the style up a bit and came up with something extraordinary. Now to see your work, you either try it out or you get someone to model it for you. Look for a cool background and take some pictures, blog about it with a tag 'before meets after' or you call it 'look for less' and wow your followers. This is self promoting in a major way.
     Finally, learn from other fashion bloggers out there. You cannot know it all as we learn everyday. So get to know other fashion bloggers, mingle with them and visit their websites. Whatever criticism you get along the way, see it as an opportunity for you to improve and better yourself. And remember that your followers look up to you for fashion advice, so ensure to give the best and sincere ones. Have fun!

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