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How To Become A Small Business Consultant

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       We all know how difficult it is, being a small business owner or an entrepreneur, the challenges that comes with it. Been bombarded with the important business decisions and choices to make in other to achieve success here and there. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you will agree with me that there is no how you can do it all by yourself, no matter how skilled or enlightened you might be in that field, there will always be time where you will need a wall to fall back on. Entrepreneurship, they say is a risk we need in one way or the other like-minded  individual or someone with more knowledge and experience that can make the process easier.

    All these only mean one thing - that small business owners need someone they can turn to with a well-grounded knowledge in SME's. Someone they can trust and who can assist them to grow their businesses into successful and profitable ventures.
      The number of businesses is increasing, business in diverse sectors and industries are springing up daily. The truth is, most of this businesses is being financed by investors who have little or no knowledge of the business but are only interested in the interest and profit from the business and in such, the need for business consultant firm is increasing daily also making consultancy business a high demand business.
Small Business Consultant
Small Business Consulting.

Do you have good knowledge in SME’s ? do you have the qualification and what it take and Have you always wanted to set up a business consultant firm? Then this article is a must read as it will provide in simple understandable English the requirement and steps to start a business consultant firm.

What it takes?
Quite a number of individuals, professional, expertise in different fields have the dream to start consulting for others and in such have always ask what it takes to start, well you don’t have to be a graduate in business management nor have a PhD in any business related profession though it comes in handy. However, anybody with good knowledge in business management and finance can start up easily following the steps outlined below. It’s also good to understand that to start consulting, one will meet different kinds of individuals (cranky people) so, good communication and friendship skill is also required.
  Here are the essential tips to becoming a small business consultant:

1. Get accredited/certified:  This is one important and major step to take before becoming a SME consultant. Go out and earn the necessary qualification that will enable you become an accredited professional consultant. Nobody will do business with a non- certified firm, they won’t trust you with their business nor their money. So the first step to start up a consulting firm is to legalize it with the appropriate government agency.

2. Stay Updated with the necessary knowledge and information to enable you guide your clients in their road to success. Information is power, the right information makes the difference, Like developing and designing a business model or marketing plan to determine which techniques to use and how to use them.

3. Write a business plan: Success comes with detailed planning,” failure to plan is planning to fail” like they say. Write down a plan concerning your own consulting business, same thing you would do with a client and work on it. Things like your mission and vision statements, the kind of service you are offering and goals for the next one year to three years.

4.  Assist your clients to make important business decisions which will help them and improve their services: consultancy is 20% you and 80% customers, you are in business for your clients and your sole aim to your customers, should be a solution to all their problems. Make decisions, mentor and manage your clients business.

5.  Ensure that you established a good working relationship with your clients and make them feel so comfortable that they will not only make you their consultant but also a confidant.

6. Ensure that you exhibit a "think out of the box" approach with clients. Like helping them in areas where they have issues and lack limited operational knowledge.

7, Personal development: discover your weaknesses and learn how to overcome them, no one is perfect, so do not be afraid or ashamed to get help from outside source.
8, Master the act of solving problems and decision making as well as time management skill. This will not only help you in your dealings with client but also enable you run your own consulting business smoothly.
               In conclusion, THINK big. Keep your eye on the price; determine what success look like to you both personally and professionally. So, waste no time, go get certified and begin your successful journey of been a small business consultant.