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How to Start Cocoa Farming Business in Nigeria and Make Profit

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Nigeria happened to be the third largest COCOA producers in the world way back, it was a major source of income for the country then but since the discovery of oil it was abandoned and left unattended to. All hope is not lost, people are now getting to know that agriculture is the new gold and that cocoa is a valuable commodity in the world because it is the major ingredient in making of chocolate and other beverage products.

           The cocoa plant comes/grow In yellowish colour and in small and medium sized. It usually takes about four years for it to mature and harvested. It's seeds which is also referred to as bean is what is now processed and turned into chocolates. Chocolate is largely consumed all over the world especially by the westerners and Europeans. Cocoa beans can also be processed into cocoa powder such as bournvita, ovaltine, milo and cocoa butter.

          I will give you a couple of reasons why going into the cocoa business is good business;
1. High demand : research has shown that people especially those with increase income are beginning to develop huge appetite for luxury products like beverages, chocolates and choco-liquor. With this development, the demand for cocoa has double over the recent years both in the developed countries and developing countries. And this have also made the cocoa plantation business seen as a lucrative venture.

2. Fertile ground: Nigeria is blessed with a fertile ground that can grow almost anything. Our evergreen forest and favourable climate conditions makes cocoa plantation a fine place its production. Over the decades thousands of families used to plant and cultivates cocoa and it was major source of livelihood for most families in the country. But as we discovered oil, cocoa was neglected and only a relatively small individuals/farmers still engage in it. Nigeria used to be Africa's top cocoa producer but all hope is not lost, there is still plenty of room and time for us to get back our position and utilize the many potentials in producing more cocoa for domestic and international markets.
Cocoa Farming Business
Cocoa Harvesting 

3. As we already know that a lot of people are now realizing all the benefits and other products gotten from cocoa beans, this has now made more investors to come into the cocoa plantation business. Not just that but also to encourage farmers/indivdual involved in the cocoa farming to carry out more plantation, to expand and make profits from their efforts. 

Before now, cocoa farmers/individuals hardly ever make any profits from their work but with big beverages companies as well as the government coming in to assist and ensure that farmers/individuals who wants to go into cocoa plantation are well protected and never paid below their worth, the future is bright. And this is all due to the fact that there have been high and serious increase in the demand for cocoa related products.

        In conclusion, cocoa is predicted to rise by 40% percent in the near future and with its steady growth over the past decades it has successfully transformed into a global market worth billions of dollars. This should be seen as good news to farmers and other individuals who wants to go into the cocoa plantation business. This is indeed an opportunity for Nigeria to get back to been the top cocoa producer in Africa.

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