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How to Start a Hairdressing Salon Business In Nigeria.

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Topics discussed: Beauty Salon business in Nigeria, Hairdressing business plan, Salon equipment list and Prices and all you need to start a salon business in Nigeria. Read on.
Salon as defined by the English dictionary is “a shop/store that gives customers hair beauty treatment or that sell expensive clothes”.

In today’s business world, salon business has grown pass this definition, it has evolved to a full fledge business encompassing beauty saloon, boutique, manicures, facial beauty, attachments & weavon sale and lots more. Smart investors are consistently smiling to the bank due to high revenue returns from this business.

Research proves this business very lucrative. Nigeria as a case study, having over 165 million populations of which 70% percent are women/ladies.  And like we all know Ladies love looking good, a woman takes pride most in her beauty and as such can spend exhaustively to get the look. With recent trend in fashion and the frequent need of ladies to put up make up, paint their nails, plate hairs, fix weavons and attachment etc the need for a salon remain high. Investment in salon business is definitely a good choice.

Do you have the passion, skill and necessary acquisition to make people look good, have you always wanted to start a salon business? If yes then this article is for you as it will equip you with the necessary details on how to start and run a successful and profitable salon business in Nigeria from scratch.

Like they say, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, but in every beauty, there is touch. In every pretty lady, there is always a work been gone through, not only hair making, both manicure and pedicure all to make her comfortable and  every comfort a lady gets there is an expense and its time you get you own fair share.

Hairdressing Salon 
The average Nigerian lady plates hair or change their weavon 2-3 per month, the lowest  for hair plating currently in Nigeria is N2,500- N10,000 above ( depending on the hair style). Now let’s calculate for a single customer you get having to plate hair 2 times a month is N5,000 –N 20,000 per customer. Assuming for a start you had just 10 consistent customers then your guaranteed of profit between N50,000- N200,000 per month and this just for plating of hair. For weavon fixing the least wevon fixing currently cost N1,500 – N10,000 (depending on hair stylist and other factors) do the calculation. Remember salon business still involves other services like fixing of nails which cost minimum of N500 per individual, fixing of eye lashes which cost a minimum N500 per individual and also the sale of weavons, attachments and nail polish etc. (please note that the figure above might be lower or higher depending on quality of service and salon and also in states. This figure above is drawn from Bayelsa state).

The earning potential of this business has no bound and you’re guaranteed of consistent customers. Starting up a beauty salon is not hard but challenging and anybody can start, irrespective of gender and age. Moreover, we now have more favour directed toward the male stylist even more. You can start little and grow big. But note the level you operate on determines the earning you get as there are grades in this business - low class and high class. The low class has to do with the low price tag for your customers, while the high class has to do with the high price tag for your customers like the celebrity. We all aspire to get to that height but it has a starting point.

To start, below are the tips that have to considered

Capital:  This has great impact in starting up a beauty salon. Consider how much you have in place. Some can start up with a very little capital and grow gradually as the years goes by, while others just want to start big. All is still a starting point.

Invest: Most people let their business die down because of lack of investment. This is also very necessary and compulsory to this business to a point that it will determine how far you will grow and go in it speedily.

Specialty: like they say” a master of all is a master of none”. Have a specialty in any part of the business and others can be add-ups. Improve on the one you are well experienced in and be at your best. You don’t have to like others in it or do it the ways others do it, just makes yours outstanding.

Environment: in some areas, there are people who can only limit your growth in this business, just make your priority right to them. Make them understand how your price tag is worth their beauty and you will see how far this will turn out to be.

Equipment: in raising a standard beauty salon, standard equipment should be made available for your customers. This will include you having: hair dryer, styling chairs, manicure tables and pedicure chairs, hair stretcher, combs, styling chairs, etc. any beauty service you want to render will determine which tools to get for your business.

Have a plan: failure to plan is planning to fail. Lay down your rules and regulations to follow. You can plan to be the boss, or plan to be an employee. Your planning will either make you or break you, so don’t underestimate planning.

Beauty salon is not just some business you wake up to just start, so you better make the decision right.

Key tips

  Proper dressing is necessary, so they say” the way you are dressed is how you will be addressed”. Don’t look beggarly because they don’t have a place in the world and always look attractive.

    Keep your surrounding clean, first sight they say is appealing.

    Scent nice

    Portray a good character to customers.

    Visit other beauty salons, to be acquainted on their styles and pattern.

     Go out for beauty workshops for updates and also to upgrade

     Get everything in your salon that will only make a lady spend beyond her budget.

     Have knowledge on this business before going into it.
 Conclusively, this business is also competitive but not for shows of indiscipline just do what is right, don’t hurt your fellow business owners, all in the name of competition. Be distinct and you will see how lucrative this business is, and the sky will be your starting point.