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Poultry Farming Diseases and Their Treatment

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Poultry farming business remains profitable only if a successful campaign against disease is sustained. Irrespective of invested capital for startup, return on investment is dependent on the healthy state of chickens. The goal of farmers and investors should also be channeled to preventive measures against disease and if occur, proper and most effective treatment and cure should be employed.

In this article, we will like to bring to your notice, the various disease of poultry chickens that causes poor growth, poor egg production and in most cases death and to provide you with the measures to determine  the various disease and the right precautionary steps towards preventing the introduction, spread and manifestation of contagious disease

Disease of poultry chicken
Disease of poultry can be classified with reference to the part and organ they affect into the following heading
-          Disease of the head and respiratory organs
-          Disease of organs of digestion and reproduction
-          Disease of legs and feet
-          Miscellaneous
Please note that in this article, we will discuss most occurring disease in poultry with preventive measures and treatment. However, concern will not be given to the scientific aspect of this disease i.e. the causative organisms is not considered.
Signs in affected chickens
-          Coloured Watery stool droppings that may contain blood.
-          Soiled and caked feather of the vent
-          Stunted growth/ poor growth
-          Loss of appetite
-          Tiredness
-          Depression and
-          Death
-          Treatment with antibiotic drugs administered through their drinking water for 3-5 days
-          Use of electrolytic solution containing vitamins and minerals.

     2. Respiratory disease
Signs in affected chicken
-          Swollen sinuses( This may lead to closure of the eye
-          Tear around the eyes and wetness around the nostrils
-          Cough
-          Difficulty in breathing( this leads to snoring or making chicken sounds)
-          Sneezing
-          Loss of weigh
-          Loss of appetite
-          General weakness

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-          Treatment with antibiotic drugs administered through water for a duration of 3-5 days.
-          Treatment with electrolytic solution containing vitamins and minerals
Signs in affected chickens
This is a nervous diseases and signs varies but often affected chickens lay down with reluctance to stand up (lameness)
-          Reluctance to move
-          Dizziness
-          Paralysis
-          Pullen of the head over the back
-          Staring to the sky
-          Causative agent of lameness disease in chicks varies from bacteria, virus and fungi. For bacteria caused disease, treatment with antibiotics is recommended.
-          Hygiene and disinfection program should be carried out

     4.Newcastle diseases
This is probably the most deadly viral disease in poultry farms, Newcastle disease cause a large number of death in chickens causing huge loss in revenue. The disease has no treatment and the disease spread like wide fire.

Signs in affected chickens
-          Large number of death
-          Diarrhea
-          Sneezing
-          Swollen eyes
-          Difficulty in breathing
-          Depression
-          Affected chicken should be slaughtered immediately
-          Prevention through proper management and hygiene is the best treatment.

      5.Poor feeding
Poor feeding is also a disease (self induced by the farmer) to chickens.
Signs in Affected Chickens
-          Stunted growth
-          Low production of meat and egg
-          Causes other disease
-          Weakness in chickens
-          Death
-          Feeding with good feeds in adequate meals per day.
-          Good poultry feed should contain- vitamins, fats, water, magnesium, protein, moisture, fiber, energy etc.

Conclusively, don’t be carried away by the conventional though of most practical poultry farmers who think that measure for control of disease is through sanitation, isolation and treatment of sick chicken for healthy poultry farms entail more of such important issues namely:
1        Selection of healthy stock.
          Proper feeding
Proper housing and many other details essential to the successful and profitable management of poultry.