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How to Start and Make Profit From Sugar-Cane Plantation

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     Sugarcane is seen as a tropical plant with long duration. It can weather any season, be it rainy or dry. Sugarcane is widely grown in the northern part of Nigeria, although it is seen also in other parts of the country.
       If you are looking for a business to go into and you have a good space of land with limited resources then this might be the idea business for you.

      To start a sugarcane plantation you need to plan and to carefully analyze how to begin. You need to go out there and gather all the necessary information and skills needed for this kind of business. You also need to set goals and project how to achieve them. Start by determining the equipment you might need, the number of persons who will work for you and how to get to the right market.

                      Here are some few beginners tips:


1. Multipurpose: sugarcane can be use for different purpose. SUGAR as you know is gotten from sugarcane. Candy sweets, cakes and other flavoured products are also gotten from sugarcane. With this knowledge you can be assured that there will always be market for sugarcane.

2. You need to learn and know how to dig the soil. As humans, we are born to farm. You can start as a helper in another farm or from someone who's already into this kind of farming, ask all the necessary questions in anything you aren't familiar with. That's the only way you will acquire the skills on how to manage your own farm, even though you might ended up hiring workers to farm for you it is good you experience the job of a farmer first.

3. Now you have gotten the experience and skills and ready to manage your own sugarcane plantation, the next step is to go out and seek out individual, groups or manufacturing companies that are interested in buying your sugarcane. Discuss and negotiate price with them and also your terms of negotiation. Ensure that you are familiar with the probable demand in the kind of market you are taking your product to because you do not want to expose yourself to anything that will be unfavourable to your business. In other word, you have to ensure that you seek the right companies/ direct sales dealers who need your sugarcane for their production.

      Due to humans increasingly demand for anything sugary, companies who are into processing of sugarcane and who produces sugar are coming up everyday looking for who will meet their high demand for sugarcane to help boost their production.

      So make good use of that space/arce of land that has just been sitting there wasting away and start providing for one of the most basic commodities in the market for human consumption. And that's SUGARCANE.