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How to Start a Successful Shaving Cream Production Business

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 Shaving cream is a substance that is applied to the skin to help with the removal of hair. Shaving cream can be used in any part of the body that grows hair due to its soft and moisturizing texture which leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and fresh.

     Shaving cream have so many advantages when compare to using soap or oil to shave, it allows one to get a closer, effortless and comfortable shaving experience.

     The home-made shaving cream has a huge market because a lot of people are now realizing the harmful chemical effects that usually come from the other industrial made shaving creams out there in the market, worst thing is, a lot do claimed to be healthy and natural but quite the opposite is the case.

        So the aim of this article is to not only show you how to make your own shaving cream but to also show how to turn it into a lucrative business. Below are the following steps to take....


Let me just quickly give you a rough estimation of my findings on the required amount to start this business especially if you intend to start small.
Purchase of ingredients/materials             --#6,000
Registration of the business                      --#10,500
Purchase of small can plastic containers-#2,100
and prints 
In total you will be needing about #20,000 naira that is $67 to kick start your business.


To get your business registered does not take too much of one's time depending on the state or country that you are in. So make sure you go to the closest office of the corporate affairs commission and register your business. There's a possibility you might be thinking you do not need to register your business to get started, yes I know but I guarantee that you will surely need it later, so play safe and save yourself the stress now and get it done on time.

One of the best thing about making your own shaving cream is that you can easily purchase the raw ingredients in the market or any superstore nearby. So get this ingredients:
i, small plastic jar containers
ii, coconut oil, apricot oil 
iii, honey, water
iv, bowl or pan
v, baking soda
vi Shea butter or coco butter

shaving cream production

Now it's time to break out the ingredients and start making your shaving cream. You will need; i, take 11/2 cup of Shea butter and put in a bowl or pan ii, melt11/2cup of coconut oil and apricot oil briefly then iii, add oils to the shea butter slowly and whip iv,add the baking soda and the honey v, add water to lighten the mixtures and continue whipping Your shaving cream is ready, transfer to the small jar containers.


Never pass out the opportunity to advertise your business/product through any cost effective channel like, the facebook ad's, instagram, handing of fliers, verbal persuasion and many others. You can also advertise and take your product to offices, supermarkets, malls, wholesalers and retailers, ensure to grant incentives and discounts from time to time to customers so as to encourage, motivate and keep them. Also, try and get a shop in a strategic position in town where you can easily get to target buyers, ensure you are consistent in your style of advertising and in no time the patronage level of your business will start increasing significantly and of course you will be smiling to the bank.

     Now that you have gotten all you need to know to start this business, feel free to express your views and drop your reasonable comments below. You will get the right answer and support where is necessary and don't forget to tell your friends about this awesome business/entrepreneurial blog site that has changed the lives of so many people so far. Thanks for reading.