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How to start a Liquid Air Freshener Production

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Liquid air freshener is a sweet smelling substance that is mainly used to freshen the air around us and to eliminate or control bad odour.

       Liquid air freshener is widely used in homes, business environment, hospitals, malls among
 others. Liquid air freshener comes in both solid and of course liquid form.

       This aim of this article is to show you how to start and make cool money producing liquid air freshener. Remember, this is a business that don't require huge capital to start, with just the minimum capital you can set up this business, sell your product and start making profits.

       Now, let's go through most of the important steps to start this business....

1. Have a business plan: getting a business plan at hand enables you to see how and where you want your new business to be and how it can be managed. Also, it enable you analyse the different competition in the market place, how to get to your target audiences and gain your own fair share of the market.

2. Learn the production process: This happens to be the next step to take in starting your own business. It is important you acquire the necessary skills from someone who is already learnt and experienced in the liquid air freshener production process, get the person to train and show you the whole process, possibly for a fee because this days nobody wants to pass down important knowledge for free. But at least make sure the fee is affordable.

3. Capital: As stated earlier, you do not need to huge capital to start this business venture. It is not a business to break the bank for, you only need the minimum amount to enable you rent a affordable property and to get the required raw materials in other to get started. 
You need just roughly #200-300,000 thousand naira and you are good to go. In situation where by you couldn't come up with the required capital on your own, you can source for funds from bank of industry sponsor by the government to encourage entrepreneurs/small-scale businesses or from investors who are ready to put their money in a profitable business, family and friends are also there for you to source out funds from.

4. Get the business registered: Let me emphasize here that no matter the kind or nature of your business, be it small-scale or big business it is important you register the business. This will not only show people/clients that you mean business but it will save you from any form of interruption from the law. So ensure you have your business name ready with all the necessary documents and visit the closest corporate affairs commission office and get that business registered.

5. Purchase the required materials: One good thing about this business is that the raw materials can be easily gotten from any big local market. The required raw materials for for the liquid air freshener production includes, fermented Pack R chemical, bottles of alcohol, bottles of industrial perfume, containers, water and colourants. Ensure to keep this raw materials very well as they can be harmful, once you get them ready you are well of to the production stage.

6. Package/Brand: Here, you have to take every bit of details into consideration. For instance, when branding you have to come up with a unique name for your air freshener so as to give it a professional look in the eyes of buyers and for packaging, you need to make sure your liquid air freshener is  well designed and neatly packaged into an attractive bottle/plastic containers so that it will stand out from the crowd.

7. Come up with good marketing strategies: This involves advertising and creating awareness for your product, this is everything in a business. Good and effective marketing strategies also involved, offering promo or discount to buyers, carrying out cost-effective adverts on newspaper, radio, posters, handbills, you can also advertise and sell your product in hospitals, supermarkets, schools, car owners, the local market and even at events.

 You can get people to use your product as a souvenirs at their parties and other ceremonies. The social media platforms is also available for you to utilise and get people to identify with your product, all these will surely boost sales and your patronage level will start experiencing massive growth/profits.

     In no time, with hard work and enough focus you will need to hire extra experience hands to increase your production level and start witnessing good daily earnings that will enable you expand your business operations.