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How to Start a Toilet Cleaner Production Company

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 Toilet cleaner is a chemical substance use for removing dirt and stains from toilets, tiles, floors, bathroom and other places in the household worthy of cleaning.

     Toilet cleaner is also used by manufacturing industries to remove stains and grease chemical from their tools, industrial machines and equipment.

      There is a huge market for toilet cleanser and the demand for it is very high, so if you want to be part of this market and take full advantage of this lucrative business, read on. This article will help you with the basic steps on how to start a toilet cleaner production business.


This is always the first port of call for any start up business, in other to succeed in your new business you need a good workable business plan that will emphasize your business goal, mission and vision as well as show you how to penetrate the market.


Once you have your business plan on ground, it is best to start making plans to get your business registered. Registration of your business will help potential customers to differentiate your business name from the other loads of vendors alike.

In this kind of business you only need a small amount to get it off the ground, with a minimum amount of #15,000 you can start production right away. The raw materials/chemicals use for production are readily available locally and they are affordable, no costly equipment or tools or special skills is required to begin production. Another good thing here is that space is not a problem, as you can do this business anywhere even your own backyard.


Here are the raw materials need for the production of toilet cleaner:
i, white vinegar
ii, soda ash
iii, empty bottles
iv, medium size container


Producing your own toilet cleaner is so easy I can tell you, so get started with this simple steps;
i, pour 5litres of vinegar in a container
ii, add 2litres of soda ash and squirt (shake)
iii, shake more for 20mins, let it sit for a while then package your new product. 

Note: you can add colourant to give your toilet cleaner a colourful look.


I will admit here that a good and fair price will always have the ability to attract and draw buyers to your product. First thing you want to do when coming into the market with a new product is to get your price right, you can start by offering discount to customers to motivate them to buy from you, this will surely make a whole world of difference for your business.


To promote your business means coming up with different marketing/promotional concept to get people to recognize and patronize your product, there are cheaper channels to employ in other to promote your product like, the community based newspaper which is usually affordable, there is facebook ad's, handbills taking your product to offices, restaurants, homes, industrial companies, malls and many others. The fact that your product is new means that you should be ready and willingly to do all it takes to penetrate and be accepted in the market place.

      That's it, all the 7 steps that will aid you along in your new business. Work hard and smart and in no time you will have a lucrative and successful business in your hands.

      We would like to her from you, so now the keyboard is pass to you. Please drop your comment below. Thank you for reading.