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How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

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Now that you have obtained a good training as a journalist, the next thing in your mind might be how to break into the most popular tabloids, newspaper and news houses but did you know that with your skill and certification, you could be your own boss and never have to answer “sir” to anyone ever in your career? Not only would you be your own boss but you would have control over your earnings both weekly and monthly and you even get to choose your own working hours. These are the action feature and job descriptions of those who want to go into freelance journalism and today, we will be talking about how to offer your services as a journalist online.

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   1. Research
Every day, it is like a truck comes along and dumps a huge chunk of more people into this business and for this reason; you need to do your research well before venturing into it at all. You should read up on the business and start studying away to stand out. The world of freelance journalists is highly competitive and to standout, you need to have relevant knowledge.

2. Get certified
No one would look your way twice if they find out that you do not have any skills, degrees or certification to back up your claim of wanting to work as a freelance for them. Be armed to the teeth by taking a series of qualification courses which can either be taken at diploma or degree levels or even over the internet. There are also writing schools all over the country that would train you to be a better journalist and writer.

   3. Get a computer
A laptop or desktop computer would do in this sense because you would need one to type your work, interact with clients and make your submission upon the completion of work. A stable power supply is needed if you would be using a desktop and for both, a fast and reliable internet connection is cream.

   4. Setting up office
This is really a simple decision to be made and where your office is set up depends on your business goals. Since none of the clients would be willing to come down to your office (as your transactions would be strictly online), you could just set up a space in your home or if you are feeling fancy enough, rent a small space. It is however advisable that you start small in your home and better plan for a larger expansion later.
   5. Create your website/ profile
A great website is usually a magnet for clients as they get to review you totally without having to ask too much questions because they know outright what they are getting. Create professional profiles on your social media accounts too to further help you gain clients. LinkedIn is one of such websites where a professional profile can be created and submitted.

   6. Get Deals
Since you have set up shop now and business is in the early stages, you would need to get clients to work for. Browse the internet for such deals that are listed online, spread the word by mouth and encourage family and friends to follow suit, network with people by attending seminars and workshops and take your services to a client directly too.

   7. Stay Relevant

Keep yours up to date with happenings in the world of writing. Check if there are new courses to be taken that would improve your efficiency and also seek to confirm whether any of the courses you have taken in the past now have an advanced level. Attend more workshops and seminars to learn more in the trade and you will never get outdated.

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