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3 Things to Look out For When Getting Employees

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You know, becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy job at all and if you are reading this, we congratulate you a lot because we know that you must belong to the majority of people who are already entrepreneurs. However, there is also the slim chance that the readers are just trying to gain some knowledge beforehand before they step into the full world of entrepreneurship. Whichever you may be and whatever the case, we welcome you all to learning the best way to recruit for your business.

Some recruiters might have told you that the best thing to do is to check their CV, check the grades that your applicant left their higher institutions with or check all of such things on paper, but you have to know that getting the right man for your job is more than just looking at the paperwork. Today, we are going to be talking about the three most important things that you should look for when making an employee choice. Now, shall we?

3. Perseverance
Don’t look at an employee just because the record looks good on paper but also, let your questions push them to know what they can take and what limits they can stretch to for your business. Make your questions tactical enough and never give off what you mean, but let it be in such a way that it would reveal answers. Would this new employee stick with your business through thick and thin or just up and leave when the going gets tough? Is this the ‘greener pastures’ kind of employee who would only enjoy the profits with you and shy away when it’s time to deal with the losses? You must be careful enough to choose someone that has not only perseverance but grit also – someone that would rise with you and also help you up during a fall

2. Mentality
There are two different kinds of mentality that an employee can have – the owner mentality and the worker mentality – and you should take note of both. Some employees with the worker mentality see the job as just a means to an end and something that they need to do to pay the bills at the end of the month only. Just that.  They do not see why they should go the extra mile for you. After all, it is nottheir ownbusiness to begin with. However, those with the owner mentality see things different. They want to take charge, while still respecting your authority, and they are up day and night looking for ways to push you forward. These are the right ones for you

1 Good Communicator

If you think having a vehicle that does not start is a great liability, wait till you get poor communicators. They are the worst liabilities that a business can have and no matter how much you try; they can never be leaders in any regard in your business. A good communicator would be able to lead, get facts and send them out at the right time and would even be an effective team leader. Wouldn’t you want that?

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