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How to Start Dog Breeding Business

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Dog breeding business is a lucrative business for anybody that has love for pets and more especially dogs. I must tell you, personally, I have never given much thought to dog rearing or breeding and sale business for profit until recently.

On 18th of this month, at about 3pm to 4pm, I saw a young man with a cute puppy and he is hauling for sell to any car that drove by along Opolo bank curve, Yenegoa, Bayelsa state. I took interest, so inquired form him the breed of the dog, how old it’s was and what’s the price tag for the dog. He quickly called a price to me was outrageous at first but right them in my presence a man in a hilux jeep with his family pulled by and bid the price. To my shock, they settled for hundred thousand Naira (100,000).
I was bewildered, irrespective of the good breed the dog, I never knew this business could be this lucrative. 

At Childhood, we had dog at home but it was solely for the pet and security purposes. The thought of making money breeding and selling them has somehow eluded me until 18th and since then I have been researching and talking with people who are already making it big in this business. Below, is the research result showing the possible ways you can start and earn handsomely from dog breeding business.

Dogs is known as man’s best friend and in such found in about 90% of all household. Reasons for keeping dogs differs from individual to individual just as breeds differs too, some just love pet and dogs being the perfect pet is kept for companionship at homes. Example of breeds usually kept as pets are: Chihuahua, Hoodle etc this breed found huge market among women. Also people keep dogs at home for security purpose such species are Rottweilers, Pit Bills, German Shepherds, Dobermans etc. truth be told irrespective of the purpose, dog breeding business remains a lucrative business.

Running a dog business however requires patients, time and efforts and also with significant effect. It takes more than a lover of dogs to start this business as it requires a business mind as well money for dogs, licensing and veterinarian care. Dog breeding business can be rewarding if proper care is put in place and allowed develop gradually. Dog business has no market boundary, it enjoys international patronage as one can start and sell to a global market. Not minding if you reside in United Kingdom, Nigeria, United States, Russia, India or Kenya etc you can simply start from home and still put your business in the global market (Web).

Haven Seen the potentials of this business below are the step to start a successful dog breeding business.

Step 1-Decide the type of Dogs to breed – 
Decide the type of breed you would be well suited to breed, study them, and learn all you can about the breed. To do this you can use the internet, read books of the particularly on the breed or visit already established dog breeders.

Step 2- Get Capital-
The next step after you might have learned all the necessary detail on the particular breed is to get your finance prepared. Get capital to – buy one or two dogs depending on the scale you want to start, buy foods, veterinary care, to buy vaccines and other daily needs of the dog breed.

Step 3- Get Space-
Get enough space for your pops, minimum space should be able to accommodate comfortably two pops and also make plans for future expansion.

Step 4- Build a Comfortable Kennel-
To start a dog breeding business, you must make provision for kennels to accommodate your dogs, avoid leaving your dogs in the open. Construct a comfortable kennel for your dogs.

 Step 5- Purchase your dogs-
Haven put the above steps in place, and then you can go ahead to purchase your dogs, ensure you buy from a reliable source, hire a veterinary to inspect and make sure the dog is disease free and on complete medication. You can start with two dogs (male and Female).

Step – Get the required License-
Starting, you can simply file the veterinary records of you dogs, recording the shots it has taken and the one yet to. As you kennel grows, its required you register your business and get your dog’s registration papers ready as it help increase cost doing sale.

Conclusively, stay updated- keep friends with veterinary doctors, join dog breeding communities attend dog shows. This way, you will be more conversant with the dog industries and network with other successful dog owners. Dog breeding business is a lucrative and fun business, though can be a little bit challenging and stressful but dog rearing can be financially and emotionally rewarding.

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