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A Wannabe Entrepreneur -- Are You This Type?

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Who is a wannabe entrepreneur? There is something about the word that makes it sound interesting and exciting. I guess because when mentioned, it has an undertone that screams "Hey! Look at me, I'm my own boss". Truth be told, been an entrepreneur or having it as a title in part of your credentials speaks more volume and it makes people take you more serious.

Personally I have no issue with individuals referring to themselves as entrepreneurs, as long as they can decide the kind of entrepreneur they are and know what it takes to be one. This article focuses on a wannabe entrepreneur which is the first stage in the classification of entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is someone who has the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with its risks in order to make profits. Now who is a wannabe entrepreneur --how can you identify them.

A wannabe entrepreneur who is also known as a "wantrepreneur" is someone who's dream is becoming an entrepreneur. He or she really cannot be called entrepreneur in the real sense of the word, yet they believe that they are.

*A wannabe entrepreneur is always current with business news both from online sites and offline, technology blogs and the latest gossips around.

* A wannabe entrepreneur buy books and publications relating to entrepreneurship and read them diligently you will think they are about to make an invention.

* A wannabe entrepreneur always fantasize, never really get to do or start anything---when you ask them why they haven't gone out to do something about their passion, they will give you loads of reasons as to why they are not ready. Some of their reasons are based on time, lack of skills, no office, no capital, no connection, no nothing and the excuses keeps growing.

* A wannabe entrepreneur will rather tell his or her self reasons to not venture into anything than to face challenges.

When compare to the real entrepreneur, it is clearly different. This set of individuals go out and get this done. They rarely make noise or talk about what they are doing and you only hear about it when they are done with whatever project they are involved in. They always find ways to rise through any challenges unlike the wannabe's.

So ask yourself, are you a wannabe entrepreneur? Do you procrastinate things rather than get it done? If yes then you are a wannabe.

Do you always make excuses as to why you weren't able to embark on a particular project? If yes...then you are a wannabe entrepreneur.
Do you say to yourself, "oh I don't have enough money yet or I don't have the technical know how or good managerial skills or I don't know the right people" Excuses! Excuses!! Excuses!!! You are definitely a wannabe entrepreneur

In conclusion, every individual have the mindset to develop something and hope that it will change the world. But not everyone is patient enough and willingly to invest their time and money. Don't be a wannabe entrepreneur or if you are already, stop been one -- go out there and start something.

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