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Top 10 Business Ideas For College Students

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Education is an essential necessity but yet an expensive project. it takes more than budget to get through educational system especially that of higher learning. students are often caught in the need to buy many things ranging from books, clothes, accommodation, project fee, practical fees, hand outs etc that funds from parents, or government through scholarships (for the lucky ones) are never enough thus the need for extra source of income. 
Do you want to be independent financially even as a student? do you want to become an entrepreneur and start up a business while in school? then here is you break. below is a list of business ideas you can startup while in school to make extra money to supplement-


Tutoring Center-
if the brilliant type and know much about a particular subject, then its time we make something out of it. students always find one subject or the other difficult to handle and in such need help from tutors and you can be one. provide tutoring service to fellow students of either the same level or junior students for a fee.

Campus day Care Center
This job is just perfect for you if you have much time and you love doing those taking care of kiddie’s stuffs.  Because you sure need great skills to care for kids and just make them happy.

Campus Tour Guide.
if you know much about the school premises, then this is a great job for you because the school will surely need your skills to show new students around and give them enough information they need to make their stay a pleasurable one.
Computer technician
If you derive so much joy and is very good with computer application, software and components, this is just a great job for you, because you will be earning while you just do what you love.  Apply to work at the school ICT department or simply become a freelance computer technician.

Lab Assistant
Working in the lab as an assistant is a very huge advantage and a plus to your résumé.  This will also help build your skills and make you an expert in the laboratory on a whole lot of things, while you earn.  It’s a win-win thing.

Sports training service-
Are you good in sports? then opt in for the school gymnasium and offer training service to fellow student. 

Graphic designs and art work-
Back in the days i had a friend in school who is a pro in graphic design and artwork. he turned this skills into money, all he does is he customize your pictures into cartoon like image and he earned handsomely.

Freelance writing-
Are you a good writer? you can actually make cool money writing for fellow students, you can write on any topic and keep the profit.

Event planing-
if good in organizing events then you can start an event planing business in school, you can organize birthday parties, end of the year, get together and much more.
Dog Walking-
This would be a good business for dogs lovers. offer service to fellow student that have pets and earn from it.

the list goes on and on....
please add to the list using the comment box....

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