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Difference Between Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners

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Who really is an entrepreneur? How do you spot the difference between the entrepreneur and the business owner---when they're both practically the same especially at the beginning.

An entrepreneur is someone who start and manage a business with little or no help. He or she plans and understand the risk, reward and growth that is involved in a business venture. While a business owner is an individual who owns, manages and profits from a business venture-- which can either be a small-scale or large-scale business.

Differentiating between an entrepreneur and a business owner can be a bit tricky especially at the start up stage. During these early stages, they both offer the same services and makes personal sacrifices-- in terms of their time and money all in the quest to see that their business becomes profitable. They both seek advise from mentors, professionals and the rest. The difference between the two becomes apparent when the risks, reward and growth in the business diverse.

Now, let's go into details and look at how to spot the difference between the entrepreneurs and the business owners.

       Entrepreneurs always involved in serious research before making any step or taking the plunge in a business venture. They work with limited resources which gives them the confidence to go ahead with the risk involved in the business.

      Entrepreneurs are known to be risk takers. They act on their impulses and  take bigger risks and make gambles over any business venture.

       Entrepreneurs are individuals who create revolutionary innovative ideas and place them in the market place. Most times, these big ideas changes the world and assist societies to be run more efficiently.

4. An entrepreneur is never satisfy with just any situation, he or she is always thinking of some big idea and innovation that might cause tremendous change. They live for the excitement, confusion and anticipation that comes with every new challenge. They always have their hands on different challenges at a time which is why it is common knowledge to hear them fail a couple of times at their big innovation before hitting it big at their landmark.

5. Entrepreneurs are known to be impatient and less sentimental. They hardly attach emotions to their work and view each invention as an asset that needs time to be well nurtured, shaped and readied for market---so it can be sold off for a good profit then they move on to the next big challenge.

6. Entrepreneurs are seen as movers and shakers in the universe. They change the world with their inventions and are passionate in what they do and they do it with far less help or no help at all.

     On the other hand, business owners are like the driving force in an economy. They assist in the creation of jobs and are also known to take measurable risks as well.

* Business owners are known to be very sentimental when it comes to their businesses. They aim for sustainable profits and growth in business and nothing more.

* Business owners are limited in ideas and prefers to make calculated risks or decision at a time. They also prefer to walk tight ropes with their safety cap or boots on.

* Business owners are contended running their businesses how ever they like and are satisfied with whatever the outcome is--so long as it is able to support their personal needs.

* Business owners are planners--one of the advantages they have against entrepreneurs. They plan first and then they decide on the things that needs to get done. They have a written "to do" lists when they plan and they manage staffs and work with target audience. They know how to identify the things that makes their customers happy and work towards it. Their main purpose of been in business aside making profits is to serve their customers.

* Business owners are also known to only deal with already established products and services. They are always playing it safe and are readily happy to remain confined to their own space and domain.
     All in all and whatever the difference between entrepreneurs and business owners is, one thing is certain -- they both still make personal sacrifices and will continue to play vital roles in the society. 

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