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Easy Steps to Obtain Export License in Nigeria

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Previously, we have discussed quite a number of export business one can start and earn passionately from in Nigeria, most recent example Is How to Start Bitter kola exportation Business in Nigeria.
Furthermore, in this article we will discuss in details with steps to obtain an export license in Nigeria easily.

If you want to start a large scale exportation business either to export agricultural products or mineral products its advisable you obtain a license from relevant government agencies commissioned to issue license to exporters.
Having an export license provides legal coverage for your exportation business/company, enabling it to export and carry out shipment of government approved commodities.
Basically, in Nigeria, there are two government agencies commissioned to issue license and they are

-          - NEPC – Nigeria Export Promotion Council
-          - Federal ministry of solid mineral development.


NEPC is the regulatory body responsible for issuing export license for agricultural commodities and locally manufactured products whilst the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals Development are responsible for issuing license for extraction of and exportation of minerals in Nigeria.

NEPC registration requirements
For export of agricultural such as cocoa, cashew nuts, ginger, charcoal, bitter kola etc. below are the requirements to obtain an export  license.

-          Certificate of business registration- to obtain an export license your business must be fully registered with cooperate affairs commission as a limited liability company.

-          Dully filled registration form from NEPC- you must present a fully filled NEPC registration form which you will obtain at their office with N1,000.

Processing fee of 10,000- completed application form will be submitted with a processing fee of N10,000.

-          The whole process will cost a total sum of N11,000 only and license will be issued after registration approval. Approval time takes at least one week. Registration can also be done online.

For exportation of mineral product, visit the website of the Federal Ministry of solid development to get requirements.

NEPC contact address
Zonal office: No 13/15 Oladipo Oluwolw street Appapa, Lagos.
Head office: Export house, Kumba street, Wuse Zone 2 Abuja.

Federal Ministry of Solid Mineral Development-
Head office: Federal sectariat Building 5th floor PMB 107, Suleja Abuja.
After registration and obtaining a license then you can fully export non-governmental prohibited commodities and earn huge returns. Good luck.
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  1. Someone told me that part of the requirements for obtaining an export license is my email address and the password of the email address. How true is this please?

  2. Someone told me that part of the requirements for obtaining an export license is my email address and the password of the email address. How true is this please?

    1. My brother, the person that told you that, its either he or she doesn't know what he/she is saying, or he/she is simply trying to confuse and possibly lure you into another thing entirely.

      No reputable company/organization under any circumstance is obliged to ask for the password for your email address or to any other thing whatsoever. Except the law enforcement agencies like the police, army etc.

      I will advice you to go to the office yourself and get the information you need first hand. But that's if you are really serious about getting the export license.

      Uche Francis

  3. Olukunle, I don't know how true it is but had it been like this, I would have outlined it above. However it might be true pending to country and type of export licence .

  4. No legitimate establishment will ask you for the password to your email account. The information you received cannot be accurate. They have no use for your password.

  5. What are the prohibited commodities please?

  6. There are many of them, rangin g from agriculture products such as, live or dead chicken is frozen foods, medical/ pharmaceutics such as paracetamol, syrps and so on. The list like I said earlier is much even down to beef. Anyway visit Nigerian Customs official website to get up to date list of them.use the link: Http://www.customs.gov.ng/ProhibitionList/import.php
    Hope is answers the question. Thanks.

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  8. Thanks firstly for visiting us.We appreciate your comment. Above all thanks for sharing out this to your friends and adding value to the post.

  9. Please I am into gemstones and I want to start exporting them, I need guidelines as to getting the export duty certificates and if possible a group where other gemstones players are
    Thanks...my name is peter

    1. We have written an ebook to that effect. inbox me privately for more details and how to get it.