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7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

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We have once talked about the beauty of marketing via the biggest social platform in the world right now – Facebook -  and we gave you ten different ways through which you can achieve your dream of becoming an online entrepreneur through this platform. While we have given the pointers, it is only right that we also supplement that with the mistakes that most Facebook entrepreneurs make so that you do not get wrapped up in the same kind of web and hate the business venture altogether. So, below are the top seven mistakes made by some Facebook entrepreneurs?
    1. Not having a specific market
As with any other business, you need to be able to define for yourself a specific market that you want to cater to. Whether it is that you want to build a fan page or create an account that would go on to get a lot of buzz, who would your fans be? What age range? Would it be for all sexes? These and more are important considerations.

    2. Not filling a need
The secret of a successful business is that it saw a need and fulfilled that need. If you go on to establish where there is no need of any sort, you just might be the end of your own business. Let people know what you are there for. If you are carving out a new niche, provide relevant information that would let them know that they really need you.
    3. Aggressive promotion
It is true that you have to promote your business so that you may grow but then, some common sense of business is advised. Share important info with your fans to keep them glued and promote your business on the side, not just go online to promote the business and expect them to always be glued to the same old thing.

    4. Spamming

  There is no shame in slow growth of your account or fan page but when you become so fanatical that you start going on all around to drop your link on every blog, website comment section and related others, this move is not productive and if your clients should research you beforehand, they would see you as unprofessional and just trying to gain some cheap publicity.
     5. Sparse updates
If you want a lot of people to be attracted to your page, you won’t be posting once in every three months but on a regular schedule. The goal is to keep them so addicted that they keep coming back for more, not to just give them a tip once and leave them hanging. They would go get it somewhere else if you are not careful.

     6. Killing interactions.
You are operating a fan page. It should be like a telephone conversation and not a radio talk show. Let your fans feel like they are part of the action too. This sense of importance, value and belonging would keep them with you for longer than if you were just planning to force everything down their throats.
     7. Neglecting analytics

Facebook provides weekly analytics of your posts, fan activity, follower-ship and other related stuffs and from this, you can get one or two tips to grow better. Neglecting it, you would not be able to know which posts was loved the most and what you did that encouraged even more users. These would hurt your business in the long run.

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