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10 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Business Plan Software

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If you happen to have been a good reader of Abode Business Online for a while now and you are conversant with how things are being run around here, you would know that the first thing we ask you to do before starting any business is to draw up a good business plan for such a business. The idea here is not that you only have something to look at when need be but to serve as a source of information to investors. 
Now, we all know that drawing any plan at all is strenuous work and business plans are not left out, but the good news is that there are a variety of software to help you get through this arduous task. Again, the variety of software means you can’t just pick anyone but the best for your business. To pick software, below are some of the questions you need to have asked yourself first.

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    1. How much do I need software?
This is a good question to start with. Do you really need software to begin with? A lot of internet tutorials would teach you how to write or type a business plan for free and these are legit too. Check within yourself if you need software as this would only add to the start-up cost of your business. If you do, then go ahead.

    2. Does this software have an after sale support?
Some software providers would still offer you additional services after you have purchased it while others end all interactions with you as soon as the sale is done. Go for those that offer after sale support because you never might tell when you would run into a few snags and need some help.

    3. Do they offer a guarantee?
When you see software that has a money back guarantee would be better for you than one which doesn’t. A money back guarantee assures you that the company is so confident of their product; they know it wouldn’t fail and if it does, well, keep your mind at ease because you’ll get refunded.

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   4. How fast is software glitches fixed?
Software issues and glitches are things common with software, no matter how great they have been built and this won’t be an issue if a company responds to bugs and fixes them fast. Chose software that has a track record of getting fixed fast, that they don’t delay you unnecessarily.

   5. Does it get updates?
The world of technology is constantly evolving and as such, everything needs to evolve around it too. Make sure the software you are picking has a record of getting updates.  You might also want to consider whether the updates come free or at a price.

    6. Is the software customizable?
Every business, even those in the same niche, need to have uniqueness from one another if they are to perform well and you need to make sure that the software can be customized to meet the needs of your business. If the software is one that has rigid templates that cannot be changed, dump it. Chances are, your business plan would be looking like that of million other users.

    7. Is the software easy to use?
Software that would require you to have some professional sills and advanced knowledge is not the right way to go. Even if you can get to use it now, how do you expect your clients and investors to fully comprehend what is in there? Go for one that can be used by even entry level users. Keep it simple.

    8. Do the accounting principles apply to me?
Accounting principles comes with business plans to help you make projections and other important calculations but some accounting principles, such as the taxation laws for example, differ from place to place. Confirm if the software you are getting supports your region so that you don’t get yourself into a mess

    9. Is the software compatible with my computer system?
Of what use is the business plan if after purchase, you then find out that it is not compatible for use on your computer system? Some are made for Windows PCs only while others are for Mac. Either check the one that has your own computer specifications or go for some that have general build into them, being able to support all operating systems.

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   10. Is there a good track record from the software company?

Track records, user reviews and recommendations would help you ascertain how best software is for you. If the company supplying it has been in business for a long time, that means they have been doing it right for that time too. Also check user reviews and observe the success rates. Most sites that sell software lets you see these reviews for free and their star ratings too.

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