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Get Paid to Write Reviews

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By now, I think that we have established the fact that the internet is just more than a place to socialize, send mails and download some files. It can also be a money making tool and as we have earlier written, one of those ways is by writing reviews on the internet. 

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There are a lot of products out there today and the companies that make them are looking for young and vibrant people to give opinions and reviews of these materials because they would sell more with recommendations. 

This is where you then come in. so, have you got a laptop with a fast and reliable internet connection? And above all, do you have the ability to read and write and a flair for giving your honest opinions all round on a product? Then this is for you.

   1. Research
There are a lot of reviews out there and each one takes a different medium to the other. Some are written while others are audio and visual reviews. There are also a lot of websites that offer reviews likewise and reading these would give you a hint to what is expected of you. It wouldn’t hut to have some background knowledge before going into the business.

    2. Video Reviews
If your video camera is a great one or your webcam is top notch, you could employ that to make great video product reviews which you could then post on sites. Currently, you could earn within the range of $2 - $10 for every one you make. Online resources such as YouTube can prove a great place for posting.

   3. Written reviews
If you are not comfortable with getting your voice and face out there, you could hide behind texts and still write great reviews that pay well. Get the specifications of what you are reviewing from the client and do some research on your own too. Put all the knowledge into great use and write a stunning review. You could find work on various freelance sites such s Freelancer and Fiverr.

    4. Experience it
To better make your review very credible, go the extra mile and get the product. Experience the product for yourself and your opinions would be better top notch and nicer to read. You would be taking the reader byte hand and would prove invaluable to such companies.

    5. Blog
To better attract clients and visitors, start a free medium blog and paste your review there. If you don’t want to deal with the minimal hassles of having to run a blog, your reviews could be pasted on sites such as the HubPages.

    6. Use a template
An unspoken rule about all reviews is that there is always a template somewhere that is expected to be followed. To prevent confusion, it might be better that you pick a niche of products to review so as to be a master of that template but there is no harm in handling more if you can. Use the template judiciously and follow it religiously to please clients.

    7. Get an affiliate network.
To earn some earnings on the side after you must have been paid for the reviews, it would be nice to have an affiliate link where your readers can go through to buy and you’ll be getting commissions on each sales that they make via your link.

    8. Get traffic.
Of what use is an affiliate program or writing reviews if no one gets access to them? Advertise your links and drive traffic to your reviews. Look for forums where the kind of products you are reviewing is being discussed and encourage them to visit. Send to family and friends too, but never be too aggressive in your campaign for traffic.

   9. Earn as you learn
If you are still a rookie at the business and you are not getting people to buy your reviews yet, never mind. Make sure you use the other forms of making money we have advised above and while you keep improving, you would have already started earning on the side already.