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Home Based Business Ideas For Old Persons/ Retirees

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It has been established that many people usually nurse the fear of being old in the bosom of their hearts and this is not usually because they think they might go broke at that stage alone (although that is also one of the main causes of the fear) but because they might also be seen a useless to themselves and the society, not contributing any meaningful quota but now depending. 

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Here at Abode Business, we do not believe that retirees, old people and adults should be seen in this light and if you fall into any of the three categories listed, why not let us take you through 10 business ideas you can invest your time and energy in?

   1. Baby sitting
Elderly people have this kind of special love for babies and babies also tend to behave themselves around these senior citizens so by these clear evidences, this would be the first business that we would recommend.

    2. Consultancy
Before you got old and retired, you had no doubt been working in a firm or an industry before. If you have a very extensive knowledge about that kind of firm, you could offer your services to that same company or another as a consultant. You should know that consultants get paid big for their time and efforts.

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   3. Public speaking
Have you always had the dream or being a public speaker? Or have you, over the years, gathered some intriguing experiences that you know need to be shared. Whichever it is, you would be whiling away time and enjoying yourself too by developing a knack for public speaking.

    4. Book writing
Like the above, you might have nursed the idea of a story or a non-fictional book for a very long time. It might even be your own life experiences and biography that you want to put down to inspire people. Whichever it is, you have ample time on your hands now.

   5. Coaching services
Now, before you stop reading this and jump to the next point, we are not just talking about sports here. You could be a life coach, a career coach, a wedding coach, etc., just if you set your mind to it.

   6. Pet sitting
Not only babies need to be kept company but pets do need some love too. Pet parents usually would love someone to keep an eye on their beloved animal while they are away on work or on a vacation and this does not even require a lot of physical activity.
   7. Bed and breakfast
Are you constantly bored out of your wits? You don’t even need to raise a finger now but just have a great room in your house that you could easily convert to a lodge for tourists and when they are around, provide them accommodation there for a fee.

   8. Property manager
The beauty of this business is that you could start this from the comfort of your own home. You could start by helping neighbors, family and friends connect to buyers or leasers to their lands and properties and before you know it, your clientele grows steadily and you are keeping yourself busy – right from the comfort of your home.

    9. Tax consultancy
Tax is one of the compulsory obligations of a business and firms are looking for ways to reduce the tax burden they have on, while not evading it. you could start up a tax consultancy firm and fill this need.
   10. Freelancewriting

If you have a great command of English language and you believe that you could string sentences and content, you could look towards a career in the freelancing industry. There is money and suitable engagement in writing web content, writing as a guestblogger and even copywriting.


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