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How to Become A Good Wedding Photographer

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These days, there is rarely a Saturday you’ll go out and not find a minimum of three wedding ceremonies going on, depending on how far you’ve gone that Saturday. You might even just be driving or taking a stroll and before you know it, there would have been a series of decorated cars for different wedding ceremonies pass by you. While we are not advocating for you to go get married now, there is simply a business opportunity in this kind of steady client flow and thinking back, you would agree with us that there is usually one man/ woman who is nearly as important as the bride and groom of the day – the photographer.
Wedding photography is a great line of investment especially if you had been into photography before and the joy is that you don’t only get to work during weddings but for pre wedding shoots also. Isn’t life just great? Continue and we shall take you over all the steps involved in becoming that wedding photographer everyone wants.

     1. Feasibility study
For your feasibility study, you might want to also delve into checking out other forms of photography but just make sure your focus is on the wedding kind. You would want to make research on how much it would cost you on start-up, the kind of camera and lenses to use, the kind of prints that is in vogue, the capture styles in use currently and last but not least, the existing competition in the business.

      2. Skill acquisition
If you have not already been trained in the art of photography, this would be the time. There are a variety of schools and colleges which offer certificate programs and would give you a great hands-on approach. Think about registering with the best and the one that suits you the most and make the most out of your learning.

     3. Draw a business plan
You do not want to start up a business and end up looking incompetent and mediocre and for this reason, you need a business plan. Make your plan well detailed and straight to the point. Let it contain the focus of the business – the mission, vision, goals, objectives et al. with a good business plan, getting partners and investors wouldn’t be hard at all.
     4. Register your business
It is true that you can work as a wedding photographer without registering the business but you might not grow more than a local champion, only known in your area. If you want your business to appear on listings and go beyond your locality, get a good company registering agency and get an operational license for your business today.

       5. Buy camera and kits
There is no way a farmer would cultivate without his hoes, and without your camera and other accessories, you can’t look to start this business at all. From the feasibility study we advised above, you would have gotten the in-trend camera to use and the kits too. If you come across an expensive one, see it as a worthy investment. Cameras, if properly maintained, can last a long time and even be sold for a decent price if need be.

        6. Get a studio
Even though your work is an outdoor thing most of the times, your studio would be like the first point of contact. Rent one and personalise it. put up a gallery of every event you’ve covered on the walls and make it homely. This would better make customers feel at ease with your services.

      7. Build your clientele
You want to make money, and the best way is to get a steady flow of clients. Link up with church secretaries or administrators, wedding and event planners and should anything come up, they would inform you fast. Be generous to them too (don’t go overboard lest it becomes an insult) and your appreciation would be rewarded by even more jobs every other Saturday.