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How to Make Money From Facebook

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We spend a lot of daily hours on the various social networks that we are part of, and we end up doing petty things like just checking out people’s statuses, pictures and the likes while huge chunks of our data gets taken off by the minute. 
At the end of the month or week, you are already looking for new ways to get your subscription up, but it is not supposed to be so. Instead of letting the internet just take from you, you could also make money from the internet that would not only cover your next subscription but also give you some spare change to achieve some other things by the side. 

Facebook being the biggest social media platform out there right now and today, we would be looking at the ways to make money via Facebook.
facebook-box         1. Sell your products/ service
If you have already established a business that sells a product or service, you can set up a page for it on Facebook to better get the world out to even more people. It is free to set one up and you could even make it engaging to keep people interested.

         2. Affiliate marketing
If you already have a page on Facebook and you have a decent followership on it, you could start to promote some goods and services to them with your own special affiliate link and you get to earn on the side on each transaction they make through you.

         3. Advertisements
If you just built a page on Facebook that has fans/ followers running into tens of thousands or even millions and they are united by a single interest (such as sports, health and the likes), you could help industries to place their ads on your page for an agreed fee.

         4. Sponsored posts
Some companies see the importance of texts and writings over elaborate graphics and pictures and therefore use posts for their advertisements. With a great and booming fan page, you could promote the sponsored post for a fee on your page also.

         5. Timeline management
Celebrities, stars and politicians rarely have time to update their own Facebook accounts daily but they need to, so as to keep in touch with fans. For this reason, you could offer your services as a social media manager and make money off it.

         6. Surveys
Companies are constantly looking to get what their customers want and as such, they need to conduct surveys. For this reason, many of them come on Facebook to offer their surveys for a fee. You could complete this and earn an already agreed fee.

          7. Facebook apps
Remember when a friend invited you to play a game via Facebook? Well, that was the brain child of someone and they are making money off it. if you are good at programing, you could also make a Facebook app to connect users while you make your own money.

         8. Likes and shares
You might have started to think that those without a Facebook page don’t stand a chance, but that’s wrong. If your account has a lot of friends, you could put up sponsored posts and advertisements which you would need to get your friends to like and share. The hirer would pay you by the reach of your post.

         9. Facebook Page Setup
Facebook is very easy to set up and manage but trust is that things you find so easy can be technical to some. Learn all the kinks of Facebook and start setting up pages for people and businesses. Create attractive pages for them too and they might even keep you on to be the page manager.
         10. Marketing

Do you have a huge flair for marketing? Can you convert ordinary fans and followers on Facebook into trusted customers for selected brands? Do you have strong marketing skills? If you answered yes to two or more of the above, then it is time you started offering your Facebook marketing skills to companies and make a decent income on it.