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How to Start a Jewelry Making Business

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Jewelries are objects that people wear as decorations to beautify their appearance. There are different kinds of jewelry, it includes, costume jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry etc.

To get into this business, you first need to decide or choose the type of jewelry designs you want to specialize in, whether it's earrings, necklaces, handbags, rings or to do combination of two designs.
The market for this business is huge and it is also very lucrative. All you need to do to get your own fair share of this market is to know how and where to get to your target buyers and the rest will come easy.
Now let's go through the different methods to apply in order to start your jewelry business.

    Get a creative name for your business. You need to take your time in this, in order to come up with a unique name that will convey the message about your business. Examples of names ; "Bella Jewelry Designs or Luxury Jewelries."

jewelry    Also, you need to ensure that your desired name isn't already taken and then go to your state's department of the corporate affairs commission and obtain the necessary license and permits for you to operate fully.

    Get trained. Even though you might want to just get your Jewelries from suppliers, it is still important to acquire the necessary training that will help you grow your business. Training that involves, bead designs, earrings and the rest. Try to take up classes from any good jewelry craft stores in town or the community centers.

    Business plan. Owning a business is like a life long learning process, so you need to take advantage of the resources available to you and utilize it for the growth of your business. Start by writing a business plan, a plan that you can analyse the way and patterns you intend to operate the business. Leave no stone unturn in your business plan, get everything analyse from the bottom to the top.

    Get your jewelry designs ready. There are two ways to go about getting your jewelry stock ready. For one, you can either make/create your own pieces from scratch or you can buy in large quantities from major jewelry dealers. Which ever means you choose to get your jewelry designs, just make sure they are unique and beautiful pieces that you can sell with ease.

    Capital. Now let's talk about your capital. Jewelry business does not really have a specific amount you can start with. One of the beauty about this business is that you can start in any scale you want, whether small-scale or large-scale, it all depend on you.
    Let me quickly estimate the average startup cost for you - possibly $200- $500 that is, #70,000- #150,000 naira only. With this startup amount, you can expect to take in profits ranging from #300,000 - #500,000 per year, depending on the number of Jewelries you churn out and how beautiful they are and how well you market them.

    Get organized and start marketing. There are various ways you can organized and kick-start your sales. First of all, you need to categorize your jewelry into group (earrings, necklaces, rings etc.) Tag each jewelry piece with their prices and take photographs. Create a website and showcase these photos, blog about trendy fashion Jewelries from time to time and make sure you are current with new designs. 

Remember to also add your contact information on your web page for easy access for customers.
Market your Jewelries to places like, art and craft trade fairs, home parties, sales merchant, selling directly to retailers, friends and family.
Good luck on your jewelry business.