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How to Start A Music Publishing Company

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Establishing a music publishing company is something many may achieved with relative ease, but that doesn't mean there are no challenges - there are and the real work in this music publishing company comes from compiling, publishing and selling of music.

Music publishers make their profits when music products are purchase or market in form of royalties and this royalties are sales percentages of your work - and this can be digital recordings or use of music as advertised by multi-national companies in radio, television, movies, video games and sports.
So if this business opportunity sounds interesting and you would like to get into the music publishing business, see the following steps to get you started.

     Get a business license. In order to legalize this business and it's operations, you need to go to the office of the relevant state or local government authorities in your country and obtain a business license or permits as the case may be.

     Set up your publishing business. You need to rent a facility and set it up as a office for your business. Ensure that your office have the basic working materials and furniture to give it that professional look. So basically, you will need a working telephone line or a smart phone device, laptop with internet connection, tables, chairs, stationery, fliers, printed business cards and the rest.

     Prepare a agreement document. In this stage, it is important to seek the service of a lawyer who's area of specialty is in entertainment and  get him or her to draft a contractual agreement documents for you. This agreement documents will be use in your dealings with sellers or buyers of music products or owners of the music products or composers, and others in the entertainment industry.

     Register with the relevant trade organization. This mean that you should apply and seek membership with a recognized trade organization, fill out forms and register with a moderate fee. When you register with a well-recognized body, they ensure that the distribution of royalties from music sales, sales storehouses, radio stations, and licences gets to both copyright owners and publishers. They also ensure that been a publisher, you get updated with any new trend or changes in the entertainment industry.

     Marketing. Start by contacting music artists, film makers, copyright owners, video game producers, music retailers and market your service to them. And when you get your clients , get a contract draft so that your clients get to see your price rates and agree to it.

Always be on the lookout for new comers (artists) in the music industry, so as to be among the first to interest them in your service. And from time to time, brush up more on the business by reading as many books as you can on publishing. Attend worships or seminars in music publishing, that way you get to mingle with other publishers in the industry and share experiences and knowledge with them.

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