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How to Start a Successful Social Media Marketing Company

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The internet has provided a lot of opportunities to us and it is only wise that we try to make a living from it, and one way to go about this again is to embrace the industry of social media and the likes. 

The social media has provided a lot of industries with the exposure that they need, linking them better with their customers and even more industries would like to take advantage of this trend, making the social media investment a viable market for you, should you be willing to go into it. 

What it basically means to opt to be a social media representative for a company or organisation is you signing up to be their PR agent but on the online and internet sphere. If you feel that this would be your kind of thing, then let’s get into how you can establish a social media marketing company for yourself and make huge profits.


        1. Evaluate your options
Because the business is working for others does not guarantee that it would work for you, therefore you have to think evaluate your options before you invest. For this kind of business, you would have to be on the internet for a lot of hours daily and most times, when it’s being operated as a full time job, you would have to live and wake up on the internet. Know yourself. If you happen to be someone who is not internet savvy in the first place, it would be even harder for you. Consider these options first.

         2. Research all platforms
We have a lot of social media platform out there now and they are all doing good. There’s Facebook, twitter, Instagram and even the phone apps such as We Chat, Whatsapp and the likes. You have to take everything into consideration, check the reach that each has, research on how each of these platforms have helped business in the past. You should also strive to understand which works best for which because you’ll be getting clients across various niches and you don’t want to be found wanting.

         3. Get your Social Media Profiles.
Since you have done your extensive study and picked what platforms are the best for you would need to now sign up and create your own accounts on them to have the experience on how they truly work. After all, you can’t market something you do not have or know how to operate in practical but only know about in theory. Since you can’t give what you do not have, you would have to be able to convince your clients by gaining a large follower-ship on your social media accounts also.

         4. Register your Company
Registering your company would not only save you from a host of future hassles you might have with the law, it would also make your business look more legit and help you quote professional process to your clients instead of just running around with the badge of an amateur freelancer.

         5. Network
In any business at all, never underestimate the power of networking. Get in touch with real PR companies and other PR agents too. Agree to let them outsource some of their work for you and from there, build a stable clientele. If you provide great service, your customers would be your next line of network as they would also introduce you to others.
         6. Promotion

Promote your business on the major social networking websites that you have signed up too and that would give clients online the first point of call when interviewing you. It wouldn’t hurt to give examples of businesses you’ve promoted to show how really good you are at your trade.