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How To Successfully Import From China

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China is like the manufacturing headquarters of the world and for this reason, it is a largely profitable venture to import wares from China for sale in other countries. It is even more profitable business because since you would be buying from manufacturers directly and due to the cheapness of Chinese products, you get high quality materials for a very low price and then you are free to impose any amount that you would like on it and sell it in the regulated market.

Being that China is a faraway place, people used to go through their friends or relatives living in there to get goods for import but these days, that is hard with companies now advertising their wares for direct shipping on websites. How then can one import goods from China and be safe in the business?

     1. Go through manufacturers
To be on the safer side when importing goods from china, it is better to go through the manufacturers themselves. They have a name to protect and a lot of integrity to lose should they do shoddy business with you and this is even more guarantee for you. To get your good directly from them, go to their online website and look through the catalogues to select the kinds of products that you want to import. Check the price of the products that would meet your need because many manufacturers sell at different prices and check how credible the seller has been rated to be. After that, just place your order and sit back for your products.

     2. Payment plan
Business has its own risks and one of the numerous risks of the importing and exporting business is that you might pay for some goods and see neither your money nor the goods afterwards. To minimise the losses when these kinds of things happen, always pay only 30% of the total price upfront for the goods with the promise of balancing up with the rest 70% upon arrival of your goods. That way, even if you don’t get the products, you would have lost just 30% instead of 100%.

     3. Risk taking.
The importing and exporting business is a no pain no gain affair so sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith and trust a supplier that says it would take you two weeks after shipping to get your products. Be safe in your own trust while tying down your money with the supplier for the goods but never forget the 30/70 payment plan as stated up there.

     4. Shipping costs

Importing from china is very lucrative over doing the same from other parts of the world because in a bid to better serve you and attract you, most companies would not bill you for the shipping costs, helping you to further minimize the capital you need to spend. Most times, the companies would overlook the costs for all amounts of products but some would offer you the no shipping costs card only when you’re ordering a sizable amount. 

The thing is, should shipping costs be incurred when you offer large amount, they would be at reduced rates and you would make so much off the products that the shipping fee wouldn’t even be an issue later.