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How to Successfully Start A Travel Agency Business

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All over the world, people love to travel. You see them traveling from city to another or from one country to another country and it is either for business purposes or for pleasure.

Traveling from one place to another can be really exhausting sometimes, this is where the travel agency comes in - to take the stress of booking flights, tickets, visa, hotels reservations, international passport booking off your hands.

Travel agency business is a lucrative business and it is more appealing to anyone who have good experience gained from traveling.  Read on as I show you the basic steps needed to start this business.

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   Decide the category you like to operate from. Before fully starting this business, you need to decide on time where you would like to begin operation from. You can either start as an International Air Transport Association Licensed Agent (IATA) or as a Freelance Travel Agent.

As an IATA Agent, you are expected to ;
     * Follow the necessary procedures that will see you get accredited and recognised to operate fully.
     * You need to have the required capital to start, which is about #2million - #4million naira.
     * An office space
     *  Number of Employees
     * Working materials like, computers with Internet connection, printers, photocopy machine etc.

As a Freelance Travel Agent, you need ;
     * Office space (optional)
     * A laptop or smart phone with good internet        connection
     * Printer
     * less capital - which is about #150,000 naira only.

    Register your business. Whichever category you decide to start this business, whether freelance or IATA agent, it is important to register your travel agency business with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). That is the only way can be able to operate without disturbance from any law enforcement.

    Get the basic knowledge. Once you are fully registered as a travel agent, it is imperative that you subscribe with a Global Distribution System (GDS). The GDS is a computerized operating system mostly used by registered travel agents to book hotel rooms, flight tickets and the rest. When you register with any of the available GDS companies, you get to be trained and shown ways on how to utilise the opportunities that come with using their systems.


    Advertise your travel business. Start by creating a website to advertise the different services you are offering, from visa counseling, to ticketing, consultancy etc. You can also print fliers and distribute, business cards with all your contact information in it. Attend organized aviation seminars so as to meet and socialize with other travel agents and share one or two business ideas together with professional bodies in the aviation industry.

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Lastly, ensure to always give your customers 100 percent of your service. Treat your customers right, that is the best way to succeed in this business.