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Top 10 Information Technology Business Ideas For Startups

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For the tech savvy and IT inspired individuals, the world of business is not closed to you guys also and today, we might just have something for you yet. Have you found out that you have a heightened love for computers and computer appliances? Does it even seem that you get everything about these computers, the codes, the hardware and software components, etc. very fast and it is no trouble for you at all? Then why sit on such amazing talent instead of using it to make a great income base for yourself? Below, we highlight the top areas you can invest in s some IT personnel.

    1. Computer repairs/ maintenance.
Gone are the days when computers (desktops and laptops) were considered luxuries that only the very rich could have. Nowadays, a lot of people around you have their own computer and these devices usually come up with their own problems too. If you are good at computer repairs, just open up shop in the area and you’ll never go hungry again.

We already gave you some hints on this already here. You could open an institute for the training of those who would like to learn some things in the computer, either software or hardware, and you could charge better for certificates too.

   3. Web Design
New industries and businesses are springing up by the hour and they all need a website. Web design is a big shot these days and you could easily make a lot of money from even a single job.
You don’t need to have millions of dollars in your account to start developing mobile phones. You could draw up good plan, interface and operating system and partner up with a company. Today, many Chinese firms offer these kinds of services.

   5. Software development
The whole world is going the way of computers now and you can help by seeing a need and fulfilling it. check for what people would like done faster or a utility then build a software to handle it. there’s a lot of money in the software market.

    6. Call center
We are not talking about setting up call-kiosk in the area, but taking it to the big scales. Some companies would not like to handle the customer care calls themselves as it’s a distraction and if you are a good IT expert in this region, they could easily outsource such jobs to you.

   7. Car tracking
There is no city without its own issues of carjacking and theft and owners have now taken to installing car tracking devices in their vehicles. If you’re good with the installation, maintenance and tracking in the case of loss, you are in business.

All those games you play on your android devices and phones were developed by someone and with the in app purchases you make or the ads shown, they are making huge thousands of dollars daily. Build a game too and place it out for download. Its free to build a game, and you won’t even be charged for putting it in download stores.

    9. Internet marketing
The internet has gone past just socializing – it can now be a market. set up shop online and advertise your wares or services. Push other people’s wares trough it too and who knows, you might find an interested investor who would help you become the next eBay or Amazon.

   10. Refurbishing

When people have used their devices for a while and need a new one, they are bound to want to discard the old one. Buy it from them (and they usually sell at very ridiculous prices too), refurbish these devices and then you can resell them to another willing buyer for a very huge profit.